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How Dare You Pete

43 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/4/09

A tall, tattooed, athletic CalStar regular plays Pete, a remodel contractor at work in Mrs. Bart-Williams' kitchen. Sarah Bart-Williams and her friend Julia decide they want to "wind him up," get Pete excited and angry. Who do they expect would happen?

They do push his buttons so that he walks off the job, but is persuaded back, during which he gains the leverage. We know the value of reliable small contractors. Well, he is "going to spank the pair of you." The girls: "What on earth are you talking about?"

Sarah Bart-Williams, a curly-haired brunette, is first to be spanked, appropriately bent over the unfinished kitchen counter, skirt up to expose boyshorts, which Pete works down as he spanks. She asks Pete: "Are you enjoying this?" Pete discusses his contract as his palm smacks her bottom, while Julia urges him to spank all the harder.

Julia, a frosted blonde, is then put over the counter. Pete likes to spank and inch down the panties. Sarah now urges him on. "Keep it up" (So to speak). Pete has stashed paddles and a cane in a cupboard. When he paddles Julia, it is harder than normal. She pulls up her knickers because it is "too much."

Sarah's turn again, knickers teased down appealingly. "Have you ever had the cane?" "Uh...actually, no." She had to think. Pete tap-taps between the 10 strokes before she is released for the moment. Julia gets the cane--26 strokes on bare skin with panties bunched, then 4 more very much harder zingers with the irrelevant pants off.

Sarah is called back for more. She just saw what happened to Julia . "Not so hard, please." 20 more strokes.

Pete gets soothing cream his from bag (implements in cupboards, cream in his bag! semper paratus). The girls cream each other, Pete goes back to work.

In a demonic and clever coda, Pete directs the girls to strip naked and work around him. They provide 360 degree glimpses.

Pete finally releases them and they leave naked, clothes in a ball. They giggle and discuss "what can we do tomorrow."

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