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Illegal Download

Produced by Diseno Media HPS ( (2004)
Directed and Written by Peter Schuber
Starring Nicol and Kelly as the School Girls
Heidi as the School Director, Nicoletta as the Teacher
Foreign language with subtitles
Running Time 50 minutes

Fourth Review by MARS posted 4/19/11

Previous reviews cover the storyline. A playful tale and slightly on the mild side for Pain4Fem, whose work we have found a bit harsh and short of whimsey, our strictly personal and amateur opinion, with some clever exceptions we have reviewed elsewhere--the institutional settings.

Exterior shots of a monastic scene. Schoolgirls Petra (the voluptuous actress Kelly) and Claudia (actress Nicola) are caught downloading music and blackmailed into receiving clandestine unauthorized corporal punishment in the attic of their school, by a headmistress and another teacher, whose mischievous ideas suggest the spankings provide some thrill for them.

P4F specializes in tension and suspense. The women find and prepare the Rigid East-style spanking bench stored in the attic, as well as the collection of paddles, straps, and canes. The Director even plans to soak the canes overnight, clearly reveling in the maneuver they intend to pull off. The next day, after the threats and time for the girls to ponder their fate, they sign waivers and the column of the condemned winds up the spiral stairs to the chamber of business.

The Director first handspanks the girls OTK, their micro plaid school skirts thrown up and white panties lowered. Mild stuff, but two great bottoms, and spankings in an attic, for those of us who have fancied spanking a girl or two in one or another attic. Some time with Kelly in an attic would be memorable stuff.

The girls are alternately bent over the bench for a leather strapping. The Director lowers their panties herself with undisguised glee.

Both girls are made to strip naked, delicious illicit stuff among the eaves and low ceiling in the attic! Completely unnecessary but terrific humiliation and beautfiully filmed. Kelly is centerfold material--all body.

Cllaudia is strapped down to the bench first. A closeup as she loses control and pees on the floor. Over 30 moderate cane strokes. The Director uses an aerosol spray on her bottom and she is released. The pneumatic Kelly is fastened down and receives about 30 strokes. A distant external shot of the architectural tower at the school as she cries out on the bench is featured here. Her bottom is sprayed and she is released.

The film ends with three minutes of repeats of the highlights for each actress, including closeups of "day-later" black-and-blue bottoms.

Third Guest review by Ludwig posted 9/25/09 (first reviewed by Ludwig on his blog at

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
An object lesson for pirates. Yarrr!

Victim Appeal:
The spring of 2004 was an interesting time for CP movie enthusiasts, with two new producers appearing on the scene who quickly attracted attention: Mood Pictures from Hungary and Pain4Fem from Slovakia. Both were from places that hadn't really been "on the map" before as far as spanking videos are concerned, both featured plenty of model "eye candy" in combination with some proper beatings, and both, predictably, became immensely commercially successful. I already reviewed the first movie by Mood, "Ancient Regime". Today I'm reviewing Pain4Fem's debut, "Illegal Download".

Two blonde girls get thrashed in this one, Nicol and Kelly. I don't know anything about Nicol, except that she later did one more film with P4F, "The Thieves". The voluptuous Kelly (Norton), of course, became a company mainstay and one their most well-known "faces" (or bottoms, if you prefer).

Gratuitous Sadism:
The two of them play schoolgirls who have downloaded illegally shared music files from the internet, using the school's computer. They are found out and the headmistress informs them that this is not only against school rules, but also an offense (actually, in the real world, downloading such files isn't usually treated as an offense, although uploading is). She has no choice but to inform the police and expel them from the school. The girls plead for mercy, but they are sent to their room.

A teacher argues that "destroying the girls' whole lives" because of such a download would be too harsh (hey, I concur!). The headmistress says that, in the old days, it was easier - the girls would simply have been caned, and that would have been the end of the matter. But today, corporal punishment is forbidden. The teacher responds that, in all probability, the girls would prefer such a punishment over being expelled from the school. Well, you can see where this is going...

A deal is made that, if the pupils voluntarily accept a dose of corporal punishment, there will be no further consequences. Since this is a fantasy movie, they agree! Not only that, it also turns out that what the headmistress has in mind is a full multi-implement "session", including an OTK beginning, a strapping (she refers to the instrument as a "whip", but it's a strap, really), and a caning. Where can I apply for a teaching post at this school? I could do history and German.

Anyway, the whole thing takes place up in the school's attic, because that is where they stored all the CP-related stuff after it was outlawed, you see. The headmistress bends the girls over her knee for a hand spanking, first on the panties, then on the bare, before they take turns tied to a wooden bench while the strap and the cane make an impact. By the end, they have lost their school uniforms (the skirts were ridiculously short, anyway) and are both stark naked. The action is somewhere between light and medium-level and leaves some visible stripes. There are some repetitions from different camera angles, but my estimate is that Nicol and Kelly get around 25 individual cane strokes each, give or take a few.

Two footnotes: one, the female teacher (who just stands around during the second half of the video, witnessing the punishment and looking pretty) is played by Nicoleta aka Nicole, another Czech porn girl. She gets caned in Pain4Fem's second film, "Lazy Maids". Secondly, one of the schoolgirls (Nicol, not to be confused with Nicoleta!) pees all over herself while she is lying on the bench, right before the caning starts. I'm not into that myself, but there are all kinds of fetishes out there, so maybe you are...

Best Reactions:
The action is considerably lighter than in some of Pain4Fem's later efforts, but both (vanilla) models react in a rather vocal and, I believe, genuine way. I liked Kelly's shrieks and sobs better among the two.

Best Line:
When the headmistress confronts the pupils about the music downloads, they start to defend themselves: "But a thousand others also do this...!" She cuts them off: "What others do is not of interest to me."

Good point against a lame excuse, isn't it?

Nice Psychological Touch:
Well, I enjoyed the whole "semi-consensual" scenario, "you can choose CP or we expel you from the school". You know I have a fondness for that. Also, it was kind of amusing that Pain4Fem would choose illegal filesharing as the subject for their first release. Especially because they became one of the most active and successful spanking video producers in fighting piracy. Oh, and I liked how the headmistress and the teacher take a trip to the attic to "check if everything is still there" (caning bench, et cetera!) before the action starts. Silly, but a nice buildup nonetheless.

How Good Is It Really?
The summary is simple on this one. If you are not a P4F fan, there really is no reason to see it, because it is a first attempt and not even one of their more polished films. If you are a fan, however, then you will definitely want to see it. For nostalgic reasons, and because many of the company's trademarks are already there: a picturesque little outdoor intro, melodramatic music, long (sometimes overlong) preparation and buildup scenes, Kelly Norton...

What You Learned:
When I watched "Illegal Download" again for the review, I noticed that Peter Schober, the Bratislava-based Austrian who runs Pain4Fem, is not in it - not even in a cameo role. I had remembered it differently, probably because the guy is omnipresent in pretty much everything else they do! "Interesting", I thought, and looked through their entire catalogue (just the previews on their site, not my video collection). Indeed, from what I can tell on a quick survey, there are only two movies among their 30 plus so far in which Peter doesn't appear - this one and "Pocket Money". So if you are a total F/F purist for some reason, that might be another incentive to check it out.

First Reviewed by: John O'Connell

Illegal Download is a video from a new company called Pain4Fem. I have been impressed with the new companies popping up these days and Pain4Fem is no exception. The video is shot in Spain and features two beautiful girls that will be on the receiving end of the punishments. Customers have the option of purchasing a VHS tape, DVD, or download. I have the DVD, so can not comment on the quality or experience involving the download. I can say that the shipping time from Spain to the U.S. was pretty quick. The DVD is also of excellent quality with extras such as still shots, outtakes, and trailers. The video itself is about two students at a girl's school that are caught downloading inappropriate material off the internet. They are given a choice of being spanked or having the police called. Naturally, they take the spanking and are brought to a room where the punishment will be administered. The first girl, Nicol, is taken over the principal's knee for some hand spanking action. This is a rather lengthy spanking that first starts over the plaid skirt (don't you just love plaid skirts?), then to the white panties (love white panties under the plaid skirt) and then finally to the bare bottom. (Is a comment really needed?) I'd say the severity is middle of the road. Not light, but not severe either. It is hard enough to turn Nicol's bottom to a lovely shade of pink. The other pretty student watches before she is made to endure the same punishment. Skirt, then panties, and finally bare. She too has her bottom turn colors by the time the spanking finishes.

The next phase of the punishment is the strap. Each girl is secured to a table and then strapped on their bare bottoms. The severity is again middle of the road, but most definitely sufficient. The camera angles are great, giving you facial expressions complete with yelling and screaming, and nice shots of the girls bottoms. The last part of the punishment is the caning scene. The girls are made to strip naked (which you will no doubt want to rewind and watch several times over) and are placed one at a time over the table. Nicol is first and actually pees all over the place before the canning begins. Although I've seen this a few times in website video clips, I can't recall actually seeing this happen in a video before. I mean, this isn't a little trickle down the leg. I was actually taken off guard by it. Of course, since she's all better now, the principal can now continue with the punishment (One would think a few towels would be in order, but evidently not.) She actually fired off a few strokes while the peeing was taking place. Really an interesting little side street to the story. The caning continues until Nicol has a nice array of red stripes on her bottom. Now it's Kelley's turn. She is placed over the same table and manages to keep her bodily fluids in place during the caning. A nice caning scene to round out the video. This was a really great first release by this company. The punishments were not soft, yet not brutal. Great school girl outfits and each girl took about fifty or so strokes by the time the caning scene was over. If you get the DVD version, I can attest to the extra goodies included, including a slow motion section at the video's conclusion. An outstanding effort and I enjoyed it very much.


This video, featuring two cute schoolgirls and a uniquely contemporary plot, comes from a new spanking video company with a bright future, namely The production also has excellent video and sound quality plus a new age soundtrack that enhances this title.

Shortly after the start of the video, we see two blond teenage girls in extra short skirts in their dorm room. One of the girls, Claudia (Nicol), is dancing to music from an MP3 player. Her dancing has a nice sexy sway to it (like that of pop star Kylie Minogue). The other girl, Petra (Kelly), has a great figure and is lounging on the bed. Next the school director gets a call about her students illegally downloading music from the Internet. After studying the illegal download records she finds that two students, Claudia and Petra, are responsible.

Their teacher, Miss Hayek, is called into the office. This brunette beauty (Nicoletta) has an exotic look similar to Elvira, the actress who appears in Halloween-themed productions. (Note: Nicoletta stars in another title, Lazy Maids). The two girls are called into the School Director's office and admit their guilt but Claudia says "but a 1000 others do it". The school director is not impressed and gives them a choice between corporal punishment and being turned into the police. The girls naturally choose the punishment.

The director and teacher then search the attic for canes and straps as this kind of punishment is out of style. Naturally they find both as well as a punishment bench that looks like it has been borrowed from Lupus Pictures. The canes are stiff so they soak them in water overnight to make them more flexible. This opening section drags a bit; this viewer was kept waiting too long to see these two sexy girls punished (and to see what's under those short skirts !)

The girls are taken by the two women to the attic. Claudia, who has an innocent look to her, is spanked, first over her skirt, then with the skirt up and finally her panties come down. The side view of Claudia bent over the director's lap and the following face close-up are quite erotic. Petra is spanked next; her cries have a nice sexy tonality to them.

Next Claudia is bent over the punishment bench and is strapped hard with a tawse with her panties down. Her cries make it clear the tawse hurts more than the spanking. Petra is next and there is an erotic tone of desperation in her voice. After both girls are strapped, the director says "That was just the warm-up. Take off your dresses".

The view of innocent and embarrassed Claudia undressing is an erotic hi-light of this film. She has a wonderful teen-age figure. Petra's disrobing is not far behind. Different camera angles are employed during Claudia's painful caning; the side view combined with her plaintive cries is quite striking. However, there are too many rear views of both girls being punished throughout this production; I would prefer seeing the girls' faces or figures more often.

Next Petra, who has a very cute face, is tied down. While initially more assertive than her shy friend, she is now quite subservient. Petra struggles to free her hands from the restraints and this adds to the impact of her caning. There is a memorable face close-up of this crying suffering teen near the end of the caning. By the end there is a nice pattern of red lines on her bottom.

The DVD extras include some out-takes with the two girls laughing at their mistakes and getting direction before scenes begin. Also included are some nice upskirt views of both girls and Nicoletta as they repeatedly climb a circular staircase. Plus a view of Nicoletta doing a sexy dance to some music. Finally some of the hi-lights of the video are included. Additional extras include a photo section and previews of two other releases.

If you have a taste for schoolgirl scenarios, fairly severe punishments, and cute teens, then you will enjoy this production. I give it a 9 out of 10 and look forward to seeing future releases from this promising new production house.


The RIAA should not see this film; but then again, maybe they should. It would be sublime justice from their point of view. It is about two young ladies who receive a caning for pirating music over the internet. Unfortunately, they choose to use the schools' computer to do this. I say unfortunately, because the act is brought to the attention of the "Mrs. Administrator" who feels that she has no choice but to bring the attention to the police and expel the students; thereby "ruining their lives."

The assistant is sent to retrieve Petra who is lounging on her bed while her roommate, Claudia, dances to the illegally downloaded music. It turns out the Claudia was the one who helped download the music files, so she too is summoned. When Claudia arrives the excuse that thousands others have done this before still did not make an impression on the schoolmistress. They are both to be turned over to the authorities. That is all that the mistress can do.

When the two girls retire to their room, the conversation changes to how best to handle the situation. It is a shame to turn them over to the authorities. However, that is all that can be legally done. Twenty years earlier, things were different. Things were handled by the school using a cane. The headmistress knows that for a certainty as she had felt the bite of the cane herself. Perhaps, if the two girls were to agree to the punishment then it would be legal and they could put the matter to rest. Yes, the equipment is still in the attic. The canes have dried out, however, that will change if she soaked them in water over night. Now she is ready to offer Petra the choice; a caning or the authorities.

Confronted with the situation and given the choice of the authorities or a cane; the two girls looked shocked. "But, corporal punishment is forbidden?" The two return to their room to think about the situation for the day. They have until tomorrow to make up their minds.

The next day, the girls agree to accept the physical punishment rather than be turned over to the authorities and sign an agreement to that effect. The next scene finds them back in the attic where the two girls get the first sight of the bench. This bench is a standard bench, with arm and leg restraints, similar to the one used by Lupus and other companies. The first step is to be turned over the mistress' knee for some old-fashioned bare bottom hand spanking. First comes the hand spanking. Then comes the "whip" or tawse, and then finally the cane is to be used. Claudia goes first over her lap. Claudia is a girl of light complexion and her bottom turns a nice shade of red in response to the mistress' hand. The spanking is rather light by most standards, but it is sufficient to give her some color as it starts over her red plaid skirt, and progresses to her white cotton briefs and eventually to her bare bottom. Petra is next. Petra is a girl of darker complexion and does not show the marks of the hand spanking as much. Still, her bottom is subjected to the same amount and probably was just as flush as Claudia's was. Both girls were somewhat vocal for the spanking but either they were very new or a bit of acting was performed. Still, the scene was interesting.

The next item is the tawse. Both girls lean over the bench and, with their panties pulled down to their knees receive the strap to "warm them up". By the time that the tawse is complete, they both have sufficiently red and flushed bottoms that they can now take the cane.

Both are ordered to strip; naked. Once all of the clothing for the school uniform ends up in two piles on the floor, Claudia is first. She is strapped into position over the bench as the straps hold her by the back, the wrists, and the knees. After that the caning starts. The strokes are neither severe nor harsh. They do cause red welts on her bottom. She screams during the caning but does not seem to need the restraints to hold her in position. Petra has a harder time of the caning than her friend, Claudia. She loudly screams and struggles against the restraints with every landing of the reed.

By the time that the film ends, the two girls have quite a few horizontal red strips across their red and inflamed bottom and the Mrs. Director ask "Was the music worth it?" as we leave the spanking bench all alone in the attic; awaiting its next victim.

This is the first film by this production company. The film is pretty much a schoolgirl spanking, done in modern times with a reasonably modern flavor. It shows an excellent story line, good characters, and a mild to moderate spanking session. The choice of a spanking bench for the caning is also unique when you consider that the spanking is not very hard. Still it offered a focus for the film. It presented a pattern that implies that the crime is harsh enough to warrant the spanking. The disciplinarian is accurate with the cane but swings from the wrist. As such, the girls bottoms do not show any sign of severe bruising, but do have the color of a well spanked bottom. The film is a worthy addition to any collection.

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