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Imposter's End Part 4

year: 2004
time: 59 Mins
Guest Review by MARS posted 11/6/09

This marathon four-part story, where the women are freely spanked by all the men, resolves itself, concluding in the Fishers' parlor, a drawing room comedy not worthy of GB Shaw, but it features what we came to see. Nurse Fisher (actress Dublin O'Brien) is spanking daughter Jenny (actress Monica) bare bottom over a stool for boyfriend transgressions. She pauses with a cocktail and contemplates Jenny's nates.

Mr. Fisher comes home with the school Headmaster and they are unfazed by the sight of Jenny, bottom in the breeze, spanking underway. Jenny too is unruffled by males in the room--all part of the day in England. Cocktails all 'round--enjoy the scenery.

Another doorbell, School Cancellor Morgan and his lady friend arrive and are let in by Jenny, who has been allowed to get up, but who isn't wearing a skirt or panties, just her blazer, which barely suffices. Everyone is stunned--the lady is none other than (1) the imposter inspector who tricked the headmaster in part 1; (2) the imposter police officer who spanked Nurse fFisher in part II; and (3) the imposter night nurse who tricked Mr. Fisher in part III. After some verbal jousting, "Anna" admits she paid Jenny to access chances to study "pain and pleasure" in Jenny's little world of frequent spankings. Don't try to follow all this--note only that pain and pleasure can be studied even more here with more spankings of Monica and Anna. The parlor room gathering decides this is the way to go. End intrigue, begin chastisement.

To Anna: "You want to learn about pain and pleasure? Prepare yourself." Nurse Fisher, her husband, the headmaster, and the chancellor will all be spankers. Put your scorecard down. We will condense it. Anna is spanked OTK on the bare by each, then is paddled on a chair with a soft floppy harmless implement. Jenny's spanking starts also. It is mild and somewhat comical.

The caning begins, first for Anna. She gets 6 from each participant, then eight more from the headmaster again, before he shifts to a birch bundle for 6, followed by 24 more from the other men. She jumps up unexpectedly but calms down and takes more birch from Fisher. She sounds nasal and crying. She grabs her clothes and runs out of the house.

Jenny has been watching. Her mother starts her with a strap over a stool. Then plam slaps. More strapping from the crew, when the cane is mentioned. "Oh please, not the cane."

She is coached to kneel on a hassock and put her head down on the floor, which elevates her bottom into the studio lights as prominently as is possible, a pink centerpiece in the room, for 6 of the cane from the headmaster, with the promise of a repeat tomorrow in his office, "just you and me." After all, he was made a fool of in the school administration. After a rest period with handspanking, the caning continues. 12 from Fisher, quite a bit harder than we have been seeing here; and finally, 12 rapid-fire from the chancellor.

Jenny is sent off to her room, and our cocktail group seems quite content (and maybe with some unresolved arousal?).

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