I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
45 minutes
Guest Review by Mars posted 5/16/08

George Harrison-Marks narrates 3 segments, each typically playful and erotic. We'll skip over the first one, involving a male getting spanked.

In the second segment, Theresa Green has been sent by a husband to a Prussian-type fellow who calls himself the "punishment man" for Kane Magazine. She's to be given a spanking for a little pecadillo of hers--wearing schoolgirl uniforms. We love these British themes where naughty reluctant young ladies are handed off for a punishment spanking--at a clinic, by a hired disciplinarian,etc. Several come to mind: "Tales From the Rod," "Victorian Interlude," and "Lady Vernon's Spanking Heaven." The spanker here is a Kane regular, dressed and acting like a vaudeville villain.

Theresa is made to kneel on a chair, her "uniform" is raised and she is spanked on white panties. Silly but cute. She stands, takes off the offending dress and panties and is taken OTK for a harder and faster spanking. She has a little accident over the spanker's lap and is made to rinse out her panties and finish undressing to expose a trim little figure. She pulls on the wet knickers and reacts like you would expect. The Kane man teases her with what she calls "cat tails" and a paddle/strap.

She strips off the wet knickers and is teased with a cane in all the naughty places. Very sexy, but typical of Kane, matters don't escalate quite to the point where the girls are made to dance. Theresa struggles sweetly under cane taps, holding her wet panties in her mouth. She jumps around naked. The Kane man gets his chance and gives her a nice frig. He lightly whips her breasts with the cat. She is made to hold the cat in her mouth, like a bit, while she is mildly caned. Now that she's cured of wearing school uniforms, she is sent home naked, in the Kane man's cape. This segment plucks all the bdsm strings, but none hard enough to resonate.

In the third section, Mrs. Williams is being served with a writ of divorce by clerk Mr. Phillips. Her husband has had enough of her slovenly housekeeping and grooming. When Mrs. Williams suggests that magical idea, "We can come to some arrangement," it turns out this writ was writ in an enlightened place. It has a twist: she can either "accept the writ or a damn good thrashing." She makes coffee to ponder her choices, while the presumptive and probably experienced Mr. Phillips pulls out the usual implements from his briefcase. "Oh God, what are those? On my bottom?"

We begin. Bathrobe up, only a skimpy thong remains. OTK, bottom high, head low. From our vantage point, Mrs. Williams is not so slovenly. Phillips massages and separates her cheeks, which we would guess is NOT spelled out in the writ. After some spanking, she stands and disrobes, removes the superfluous thong and is caned, kneeling on a chair. Her bottom is small and hard, and the necessity of her keeping her knees wide for balance is fortuitous for us. "Oh, it stings." Phillips will be back tomorrow to check the housekeeping progress. He should have high standards.

We've said before: Kane themes are dated and tame, but erotic, clever, and comic. Who can forget a naked Paula Meadows bouncing around in "Kane Assignment," or noises enamanating from rooms at "Hotel Derriere"?


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