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Inappropriate Activity at St. Lukes

49 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/29/10

A school setting--classroom, desks, blackboards, etc., but this time the participants are three teachers, no students. The actresses are fully mature and experienced. Miss Reiss, a long-haired buxom blonde, a teacher with deputy-supervisor rights she is about to overstep, has caught a new teacher, tall glamorous bespeckled swept-up hair brunette Miss Harvey, doctoring her students' work to improve the results.

Reiss demands, "What are we going to do?" Harvey sees no foul and wants to brush it under the carpet. Harvey agrees to "take some discipline" like the students do and we learn she's heard things about Reiss' punishment sessions. A long OTK segment begins on Harvey's mature and well-shaped bottom. When it is time for her leopard print thong to be peeled off, we hear a memorable line: "Don't take them off completely. They're Prada." The answer is as it should be: "I don't care what they are."

A lot of sexy talk, not all audible, because this little tete-a-tete is going in the "inappropriate" direction. Harvey is heated after her spanking, so Reiss helps her off with her sweater and blouse. She is a sort of Wonder Woman in just bra, garter belt, and stockings.

Bend-over for a floppy red leather paddle, moderate, but it wouldn't be nice if this lasted a long time. More sexy talk: Harvey has heard Reiss gives her students "a good time with a strap-on" during these sessions. The girls exchange a kiss, then Reiss does put on her strap-on. Harvey: "I didn't know it was so big."

Reiss strips off her top and bra, Harvey is suitably impressed, then she bends over the desk again for a moderate rogering, then legs spread on a school desktop for more. There is a suggestion that in fact the device is too big.

Providentially, a third player, blonde actress Dublin O'Brien bursts in , another teacher, and she is angry. She is going to work them both over. Harvey and Reiss are both spanked OTK. O'Brien spanks much harder. Harvey is warned to "hang on" for the strap over a desk. To Reiss: "Hold tight. I am going to be extra hard on you." O'Brien: "I do think this is a canable offense." "Oh, no."

Reiss must offer her own cane collection and select one. She takes about 15 strokes, quietly, to permit the use of repeats. O'Brien canes with ferocity and undisguised joy--full arm swings, a little jump at the bottom, and a wrist snap borne of experience.

The girls switch. Harvey takes a dozen. Reiss returns for 10 more, then Harvey for a half-dozen, during which: "No point in crying now, girl." O'Brien requires the girls to provide sensual rubs for each other when they switch. We finish with a proud side-by-side comparison by O'Brien, some more intimate rubbing and the girls are chased off.

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