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Incompetence at the Nursing Home

14 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/9/10

A filler-trifle from CalStar, an actress billed as Josephine takes an ineffectual spanking in the kitchen of a nursing home because she has been caught tying up unruly patients. The nursing home operator offers her a choice--she can be tied up herself or spanked.

The tall, slim light brunette, in a sensible nurse's uniform, bends over a kitchen stool and is at first handspanked on her skirt, then paddled with the stiff leather spanker on a bottom mostly bare, framed only by a thong and black garters.

The lady-in-charge is frustrated that the nurse does not seem to be fazed by the spanking. She looks over at the film director, then doubles the intensity of the previously weak spanking. There are a few squeaks and gasps, but nothing much. The boss continues her frustration: "Why aren't you screaming?"

That's all there is. Some paddling. The nurse retained her pants. No harm, no foul, no results. Was this an audition?

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