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Ingrids First Visit

Nu West FCV-043
26 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 9/5/08

Another one-on-one for Ed Lee, with one of his Amazonian traffic-stopping blonde models, who has come back for advanced treatment, this time the "first visit" would refer to the dogwhip. And it is her finest appearance, we would submit. Lee, bearded, ponytailed, is surgically precise with the whip.

The Nu West studio, outfited with faux furniture. Ingrid reports, in normal street clothes--blouse, skirt, and heels. Lee positions her beneath a rope ominously hanging from the ceiling center-stage. Her wrists are cuffed behind her back, attached to the rope. Lee hauls it up, comically proud of using a remote control to operate the winch, pulling Ingrid's arms into the strappado position, tight and firm just to the point of mild discomfort, bending her and exposing her skirted bottom for the events to come.

Ingrid squeaks when Lee measures and lays 4 or 5 whipstrokes on the skirt. He rolls it up--she is wearing only a thong, and the first strokes already have produced marks. He nails a new series on the bare cheeks--clear marks instantly appear. Ingrid gasps and moans but she is not protesting. Garters unfastened, then a rapid-fire "whip-in"; closeup of her bottom; Ingrid cries out but hangs in.

Next scene: Ingrid is back, in jean cutoffs and simple blouse. Her arms are quickly hauled up in front of her. A lovely sight, this gorgeous blonde standing strung up on a Persian rug, awaiting Lee's next move. He rips off the red blouse and leaves it hanging in a sort of mocking abandonment at her wrists. "You're going to get 100 strokes." Wow. Sets of 10 to the bare back, breasts jiggle. Ingrid gasps and moans. We are watching those cutoff jeans, but they will survive in this segment. This is as sensuous as it gets for us, just moderate enough to avoid any touch of vicious brutality. Lee proudly traces his welts.

At last, in a grand finale if there ever was one, Ingrid has been fastened nude, not a stitch, over the tilted horse. Lee whips her directly on the bottom, positioned directly in the path of horizontal slicing sythe-like strokes of the whip. Maybe 150 strokes, viewed from several angles-- the shot from directly rear, knees wide, bottom striped in the most vivid way. We were having too much fun to detect repeats. The whip-in alone is 27 strokes. Bigger girls have rocked this horse across the room. Ingrid's hair cascades over her face. If this was a double, we nominate this bottom for some sort of award.

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