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Ingrids Naked Whipping

Nu West FCV-044
time: 28 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 10/24/08

There is not a lot to describe here. Nu West's stunning tall thin blonde Swedish model, who has been kind enough to stop by the studio on several other occasions for some interesting personal attention, stands nude but for high heels, hands attached to a spreader bar, in the center of the room. Ed Lee circles with his single malt and whip again.

It seems Ingrid won't "go down" for her husband. We guess her husband made a call and here she is at the Nu West studio for an attitude adjustment. Lee is going to whip her until she agrees to give him a "world-class" blowjob. He begins a ferocious attack with his whip, mostly on her bottom at first. Her arms are not pulled tight, so she can squirm and wiggle, which she does with erotic charm. Lots of 360-looks at bottom, small tight boobs, sweet mohawk, and pouting face. NW had at this point in its productions mastered centering the action to permit roving camera(s), which illustrate Ingrid's maginificent body.

We know Lee likes to trace his weals, acting, he knows, as our surrogate. Ingrid jumps in discomfort. Lots of conversation between sets of strokes. Ingrid won't relent. "Don't be so stubborn." Finally, after several rapid series, she screams in submission, is let down, and folds up on the floor. Ingrid's appearances are among our favorites. The intense simplicity of this performance will be hard to top.

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