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This was sent in by a reading with some important facts:
I've noticed a little factual error in the Ronald Scott's "The Inspection" review. As the truth about the scene requires considerable knowledge of Czech popular culture (which can't be really expected abroad), I decided to abate this problem and explain. In this video, there is a scene where one of the girls stripping for her caning is found to actually be a man. (Her name, which is very important, is "Miss Cimrman".) Mr. Scott writes he/she is a transvestite, but the truth is a bit more complex. In 60's, a troupe of Czech comedians (led by Mr. Smoljak and Mr. Sverak) invented a character of Jara Cimrman, a brilliant, but notoriously unlucky genius, inventor, artist etc. and they created a whole theater in his honor, playing out his "newly discovered" plays. Of course, the whole character is completely fictive, but it's a part of the joke to never mention THAT on-stage. Most distinctive feature of their performance is that each play is preceded by a "seminary" where the general public is informed about some aspect of Cimrman's life and work. (Examples include fairy-tale collecting, performing dentistry for railway workers or leading a polar expedition.) The plays themselves usually parody some specific genre, like crime story, fairy tale... there is even a cute "play about play". One of the little "ficts" about Cimrman (and here's where I get to the video) is that he had an older sister, and in order to take her older clothes, his parents kept the fact he's a man secret from him. So when "Miss Cimrman" strips, she's not really a transvestite - she's just a boy who has just realized something VERY important. There are other subtle jokes showing that this is indeed the same Cimrman - headmaster referring to "her" aptness with physics equipment, and the inspector shouting that the only thing missing is for "some writers to make a cabaret out of this".

I hope this clears the matter somehow.

New Review: Added 4/22
From the Headmaster's Study: The Inspection
Lupus Pictures (2003)
Directed by Zbysek Podhajsky
Pavel Stasky as the Headmaster
Jaroslav Bhem as the Inspector
Sara Robertova, Eva Novotna, Anna Vomackova, Lenka Hornadova, and Veronika Velka as the Schoolgirls in order of appearance
Czech with English Subtitles
Running Time 60 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

This new release features an interesting plot, wonderful girls, and noticeably better production values than most spanking videos. The Headmaster, star of six previous Rigid East/Lupus releases, receives a visit from the Inspector who examines his discipline techniques and find them wanting.

As the video opens, the Headmaster is admiring a new martinet he has received in the mail. Five girls burst in and admit that their teacher has expelled them because they irritated him. The two blonds, the brunette and the black haired girl are all cute and the blond in the green dress is especially provocative. The fifth "girl" is obviously a "travestite", a man. After the Headmaster admonishes them for laughing about being expelled, they stand demurely with their hands behind them. He shows them the new martinet and decrees 15 lashes for each of them.

Bemova, the black hair, is punished first. However she is wearing a chastity belt; the other girls laugh at her and the Headmaster gets a key that her father has left with him. She is tied over the punishment table and then the maintenance man bursts in about a coal delivery problem; his pleasure at seeing Bemova practically naked is as obvious as her embarrassment. Her punishment proceeds but seems to have little effect.

Then the Inspector bursts in. (The Headmaster's receptionist does a poor job at stopping visitors outside the office). The Headmaster, who has been more jovial than stern so far, is positively deferential to his "important" guest. The Inspector is much sterner than the Headmaster and quickly says the girls deserve 30 lashes each with the cane. And he orders them to undress. Raus, the travestite, is discovered and rushes out.

The undressing sequence goes much too quickly; but the next scene, with the frightened naked girls trying to cover themselves with their hands, is the first really erotic moment in the movie. The brunette and the previously mentioned blond are especially fetching. Unfortunately the Inspector is not a very good actor; he is too serious and his over-acting detracts from the generally good performances in this movie.

Bemova is asked to put the chastity belt back on, is hesitant, and gets 10 lashes added for her reluctance. The Headmaster canes her at first; then the Inspector criticizes his technique, and finishes her caning himself. Her ass is well marked although she receives far less than the promised 40 strokes. Up to this point the plot has received more attention than the girls' punishment and the movie has been more funny than erotic. All that is about to change for the better with the fetching blonde's punishment.

She has a slim figure with small but beautiful breasts. Her trembling fear as she approaches the punishment table is an erotic high point of the video. Bent over the table, her slim thighs and whippable ass are well displayed. The Headmaster canes her more fiercely than the previous girl; she cries out in a most erotic manner and even begs for her mother in desperation near the end. That she is suffering mostly so that the Headmaster can practice new techniques learned from the Inspector adds even more to the impact of this scene and the rest of this video.

The shy brunette, who also has an attractive slim figure, is tied down next. Her hard caning has excellent face close-ups and her noticeable jerk after every stroke adds to the effect. Her voice betrays an increasing urgency as the strokes mount and near the end she begs for it to stop. Finally, it is the other blonde's turn. The Inspector instructs the Headmaster to use "rhythm and vehemence" as the poor blond whimpers in fearful anticipation. Although she is not as cute as the preceding girls, her wonderful cries and facial expressions make up for it.

If the video ended at this point it would be a success. But the best part is still to come. The four girls leave to dress in the next room. The Inspector tells the Headmaster "your attitude toward the students is meek, your punishments are mild, plus your office has a homey feel". And the School Board feels he is too lenient with the students. He then leaves the Headmaster to consider his dismal future. This exchange like some earlier sections has a comic feel to it.

Then Miss Novackova, a beautiful teenage brunette, with a modest demeanor, arrives. She says her teacher has sent her to be punished for not preparing her homework. When the Headmaster, seeing an opportunity to change his lenient reputation, commands her to undress, she stares in disbelief. She shyly turns away and removes her dress revealing a pastel green slip. When she removes that and kneels before a chair we see her wonderful figure unclothed for the first time. Soon she walks toward the caning table trying to hide her charms with her arms. After the first ten strokes, she clearly can't stand the caning which is much more severe than she expected due to the dressing-down the Headmaster just received from the Inspector. Although her face shots are not well-filmed, her erotic cries more than make up for that. And the music, by Johan Bruner, enhances this scene as well as the entire video.

Afterwards, as the Headmaster photographs the pattern of red lines on her ass, she passes out on the floor in a most erotic pose and appears to be asleep. He rudely awakes her by throwing a pitcher of water on her. And informs her that this is just the beginning and that "things are going to change around here."

I give this movie a 9 out of 10 for those who enjoy fairly severe schoolgirl punishment. It ranks with the better previous releases from Rigid East and Lupus Pictures.

The Inspector

60 minutes
Review by UK Reviewer

This latest offering in the Headmaster series provides a rich and varied feast fully capable of sustaining its sixty minute running time. With five girls each receiving 30 strokes, and every caning applied in accordance with new techniques imparted by a visiting Inspector - he comes from the Germanic sector of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and it shows - this film rivals, and even surpasses, Wild Party II.

What will turn out to be the worst day of the headmaster's life starts innocuously as he opens a parcel from abroad, delightedly clipping the stamp for inclusion in his collection, to discover a French martinet which looks fearsome enough. Trouble starts when five laughing pupils erupt into his room, sent there for giggling in class. A dose of the new martinet is the obvious cure, but when it is applied to the first of the quintet, played by Sara Robertova, a pert, dark eyed brunette, it disappoints, as did the tawse and the birch in earlier episodes, like them, lacking any cutting edge or knots, and wielded by a practitioner who is really only at home with the "Austrian" cane as he calls it. The headmaster, perplexed, is pondering what to do when in steps the Inspector.

Both before and after his arrival we are introduced to a new prop, a mediaeval style chastity belt which Robertova's father has wisely procured for her, not so much for protection from illicit intercourse, an unheard of activity for a young lady in those days, but to prevent self-abuse. We share the Inspector's close and intimate inspection of this device (which despite its purpose looks rather sexy on Robertova). It, at least, meets with the Inspector's approval: as he vehemently informs us, self-abuse causes infertility, frigidity, nymphomania, and total degeneration (a message certain young female persons who link to these pages would do well to heed before it is too late).

However, little else pleases the Inspector, especially the discovery, when the girls undress for their punishment, that the school has been harbouring what we would now call a "pre-op transvestite" who dashes from the room clutching a protuberance which, while much dreamed about in an academy for young ladies, should never actually be exposed in such an establishment.

The Inspector then has to demonstrate to a rapidly wilting headmaster how to apply the cane with, as the subtitles put it, "rhythm and vehemence". Robertova is used as the demonstration target and the three who follow her, and we the audience, benefit from the maxim that practice makes perfect, as we watch three girls screaming "prosim, prosim" or "mama, mama" in response to thirty strokes apiece designed to teach them a lesson they will not forget. The Inspector congratulates the headmaster on his speedily acquired expertise in the new technique, but when the pupils leave he gives him a proper dressing down for letting standards slip, and not being strict enough. Even the canes are badly maintained, and as for the whipping bench (which Robertova propels all round the room under the impetus of the Inspector's rhythmic and vehement strokes) is a disgrace. (And so it is: if the headmaster himself cannot find the time to sort it out, surely the Lupus carpenter could spare five minutes to bolt it securely to the floor.)

This would be a fine movie on its own up to here. Occasionally in the past Rigid East/Lupus have spoiled things by adding on an anti-climax, but not this time. The headmaster, having got rid of the Inspector, sits in fear and trembling, wondering if the next step in his career is to be a one room village school, when in comes another pupil reported for failing to do her homework. The headmaster has been so affected by the Inspector's criticism that he stands and shakes hands with the girl as if she were an equal. Fortunately he soon recovers himself, realising that this is the time for regime change. From now on he will be at least as strict as the Inspector demanded. If ten strokes was enough for forgotten homework in the past, now it will be 25 strokes, with five extra just to make sure.

The pupil, played by Adela Valkova, is a beauty too, fair of face, with a fine figure, and a splendidly whippable bottom. (The studio can take its choice: rumour has it that girls queue at the doors in the hope of landing a part, no matter how sharp the chastisement will be. With school and judicial corporal punishment now universally banned in the European Union it is good to know that an ever growing coterie of young women who will be around for some time are being introduced to its educational benefits, keeping alive the folk memory for future generations).

The headmaster applies the cane to this first victim of the new rules with a zippy sharpness which soon produces on a hitherto untarnished bottom a glowing three dimensional reproduction of the stars and stripes in an area where we would not normally expect to find the flag, bringing this entertaining, amusing, but seriously instructive, movie to a fine climax.

It can be highly recommended, never a dull moment, something for "Old Europe" to be proud of.

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