Elite Pain

Interview with Lady Jenny

Starring: Lady Jenny
Guest Review by Sugar posted 5/14/10

I got the privilege to have an interview with the sexiest yet cruelest Dominatrix we could ever see, Lady Jenny......in this interview, we are going to talk about who is Lady Jenny, what she likes, dislikes and then we are going to sneak into her dungeon to have a closer a look onto her little house of pain.

First of all, I'd like to thank you my Lady for having this interview with us, you made many of your fans dream come true....so thank you, and I'd like also to thank your slave for providing translation.....

So, can the Lady of all tell us, Who is Lady Jenny? How do you describe yourself?
I am a cruel and sexy Hungarian Dominatrix.......Yes, indeed.

What do you do aside of Administrating slaves? How do you spend your free time?
In my freetime I am with my family, riding on my horses, getting a rest, and I am on the Internet for long times.

What are your Hobbies? Favorite sport? Favorite song? Favorite Movie? Favorite actor/actress? Favorite food?....I know your favorite drink!
I like horseback riding, recently I began to drive a carriage, but only as a hobby, I do not go to contests (I used to jump with horses), My favorite musics are: Rasmus, Rammstein, my favorite movie is: Wanted. My favorite actress and actors are: Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie, My favourite food is: sea things, but mostly shells, Favorite drink: corporal, dry red wine, half-sweet champaignes

In your everyday life? Are you Jenny or Lady Jenny? Are you the cruel and the brutal Mistress to all people around you or only to your slaves?
In the real life I am not a cruel dominatrix, although I am a dominant person, I require respect in every situation.

As being a Professional SM administrator, what is the reaction of those people close to you, Family, relatives, friends? What do they think? How do they deal with the fact you are an Administrator.
I've been a dominatrix for a long time, my family and my closest friends naturally know about it, they don't really see much of me torturing anyone. I am trying not to take home those roles and emotions which I have during my sessions or during making my movies. My new friends feel a bit awkward, when they get to know, what I am doing. But in a couple of days they have conversations with each other, and the topic just gets off the board, they are still asking questions sometime, but I am lucky, because the people accept me. However, they cannot do anything else.

Since when you are administering corporal punishment? Tell us about your first time you administered corporal punishment......How old were you? Who was your first victim? How did it go? we like to hear details.
I've had my first BDSM experience when I was 18 years old. I've got in touch with this type of sexuality during the making of an S/M movie. My husband was arranging models for one of the biggest Hungarian porno pruder. And I was doing the make up of the actors and actresses. During the process I began to like as the slaves admired their dominatrixes. That was the moment when I began to like the whole thing. And I thought I would try myself as a dominatrix. One one of the actresses has not showed up and Kovi (the director) asked me whether I would like to participate in the movie as an assistant dominatrix. Naturally I wanted to participate and I've enjoyed the shooting of the film too.

How did you come to the world of BDSM and SM? Was it a coincidence or a true burning desire inside you, Who taught you the art of SM (whipping, caning and CBT), or did you taught yourself? How long did it take for you to be a professional? Tell us the story
During the shootings I've got in good friendship with the main dominatrix (actress), who was the most well known dominatrix in Hungary back then. I went to her many times to her private sessions, she has taught me the S/M practices. I've become more experienced and made more and more SM movies. I liked caning, CBT, these are still between my favourite torturing methods I am making a lots of movies like this. 1-1,5 years after this Dominatrix Lady has moved to Germany and I have opened my first BDSM studio at Budapest. It took me 3-4 years - I believe- when I have reached the professional level. In this process many people had helped me. Between them: Helga, the Hungarian dominatrix Lady, my producer Kovi, and those many subs who have come to my private sessions.

I will dare to ask, have you ever been subjected to torture, or you have always administered torture only?
I've tried the sub role for one movie only. My husband was the Dom, but I did not like this role, neither he liked it, so we have not been trying this any more.

Who is your Ideal/hero in the World of SM?
Myself !! I do no have any heroes, I don't care about the beauty or the profession of the ladies. I know that there are many beautiful dominatrixies. Sometimes I watch some new movies, clips for new ideas, equipments and practices. However I do not have a favourite actress.

Tell us about your dream?..... we all have one...? Did it come true or not yet?
It has come true. Naturally I have a new dream, a new desire towards some minuscule thing.. But basically I feel what I desired, Happiness, I have managed to reach.

Now let's talk little bit about your personal life.....Have you ever dated or been in a relationship with a slave?
No, I have never dated a slave. I would not be able to do such a thing. Would you consider dating one of your slaves?
No I would never think of this. I don't want a man who is acting like a slave/submissive

What is your sexual orientation? Straight, Lesbian, or bi-sexual?
Straight and monogam.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes, i am married.

Do you have sex regularly, how many times a month?
I have a very intensive sexual live. I love having sex, so does my husband, fortunately. I cannot tell you exact numbers, but we do it many times. We are having sex almost everyday, sometimes we are having sex more than once a day.

How do you like your partner to look like? Hair color, weight, age, eyes color, any special features like tattoos, piercings....etc.
He is an absolutely average guy, this should be enough...

Do you have a permanent slave serving you? If yes, tell us about him/her. Is she/he good, how is he/she?
No, I do not have a permanent slave, but I have many slaves how are visiting me often.

Allow us to take a look inside your Dungeon. Tell us, what does torturing a slave mean to you? What does it bring to you, is it satisfaction, pleasure or what?
It is kind of a strange feeling it resembles to sexual excitement, and to satisfaction, I cannot put it into words. One thing is for sure though, it is a good feeling, I like it.

What is your favorite instrument, position?
There is more than one of these. I like to use a bullwhip, while the slave is bounded to the St. Andrew's Cross with his back. I also like when the slave is kneeling on the spanking rack and I spank him with a canes

Do you have a favorite slave, who is he/she?
Yes I have a slaveboy, he is in couple of my movies he is my favourite ponyboy and my best boxing bag. But I cannot tell his name.

Do you have a limit at which you stop the torture? Like maximum number of strokes, needles pierced? Or you can go as far as your slave can bear?
It really depends how much she / he can bear. I am not doing any kind of surgery, amputation nor causing serious wounds. It is a taboo. The biggest amount of needles were about 300 pieces. If I remember well. Many has said that in most of the cases I can feel the limits of a slave. There is only a few slaves who would like to have an escaping word while having a session with me. However it has already happened that I have done too much to a slave and he wrecked mentally. But it only happens rarely

What do you prefer, torturing men or women? Does it feel you different in torturing men than women?
A tough one. I like to torture men better, although many times women can stand the torments better than them. Yes it is a different feeling to torture women, I think I am more empathetic with them, I become soft earlier. I feel sorry for them, I don't feel sorry for men.

Does "feminine consolidation" mean anything to you? I mean, do you treat your female slaves more gentle than men slaves, just because they are women like you?
No, I do not feel real empathy towards girls. There is two variations: either she is visiting me as a sub and so she likes pain, or she is coming for shooting, she has taken her role she is doing hers I am doing mine

Do you treat all your slaves in the same way or you have some kind of a special treatment for each single slave
I am dealing with each of my slaves in a different way, they are all different people, with different desires, their strength are also different, their pain taking capacity is also, etc. We cannot put slaves into categories. That, this slave is like this, so I have to treat him in a certain way.

I have noticed that you have a great deal of CBT movies, is it your slaves request or you like doing CBT more than anything else?
Yes I like CBT clips, this type is also preferred by those who watch my films, that's why I have so many CBT movies. But I think I also have that many clips when I am using my bullwhip. "Yes I like CBT"

What do you like of your slave? What do you like of your slaves? How do you expect him/her to behave?
I do not have great expectations to my slaves. What I ask from them : respect me all the time, polite way of speaking, doing what I am commanding them as soon as I tell them. A basic rule is that the slave cannot look at me, only at my feet, except when he/she gets a special command to do so. My slaves cannot touch me, only if they get a permeation, and even in that case they may only touch my legs up to my knees or kiss my hands

What is your idea about the perfect slave (Male and Female)? hair color, weight, height, age, breast size (for female)....stuff like that
I do not have a precise image of the perfect slave. It is important though that he/she has to be intelligent and his/appearance is well ordered

Do you like the slaves who scream and cry a lot, or you kinda prefer the quit ones?
Ohh yeaah, I like it much, when a slave is roaring

As you hear and watch your slaves crying and screaming their lungs out of pain, does that move any kind of sympathy inside you, or do you just neglect them with disgrace?
Mostly I know what kind of reactions I can expect from a slave. If I sense he is roaring because the pain is too much for him I am trying to lower the amount of pain given to him. However if the slave is only screaming, because he is a sissy that pisses me off.

Have you ever felt sorry toward a slave you tortured?
Yes, there was a slave who has broke down during a shooting after couple of minutes. I let him go, he went to a corner and crouched there and cried painfully for a long time, he only said: mommy, mommy, mommy...

Do you show "respect" towards the obedient slaves and those who bravely withstood your torture?
Of course! These slave deserve respect in everything.

Now, I am going to talk about your ex-job with Mood Pictures and CruelAmazons. You have participated in a lot of Mood Pictures and Cruel Amazons movies, as expected they were all great ones and extremely brutal too. You are also well known as the administrator of Case 1 –the first ElitePain Movie- and Case 5 with Monica Sanders. Tell us about your experience with ElitePain and Mood-Pictures Productions....how was it like? Did you have fun? Any moments you like to share with us?
First I have made movies with Mood-Pictures violent, caning movies. If I remember well Gestapo II. was the first scene when I was playing there. Making movies was not a new thing for me. I had already known how these things went. However the location, the script and because of my historical knowledge the whole shooting sort of sucked me in. I do not sympathize with the Nazi ideology, in addition I disapprove it, but to take part in such a movie was interesting. I liked the brutality of mood, the pretty girls, and the cruel punishments.

Tell us about your most severe ElitePain movie Case 5? Do you remember it? In case 5, Monica Sanders was your victim , she was brutally tortured on your hands, you stitched her pussy and pierced her breast with long needles......do you still remember her.....how was it like doing such an extreme movie....this movie is so popular so I would appreciate as much details as you can give to me about that movie......
Of course I remember the movie. I had worked a lot with Monica before, I have not only made SM movies with her, but back then as a producer I have made normal porn movies too. Monica had asked me to be her dominatrix. She decided to shoot the movie with me, or with noone else. I have to admit, I like her- probaly because I had known her for a long time. It was bad to start the shooting, but after a while we both began to enjoy it. Over all I enjoyed the shooting. The pricking and the sewing ....

what do you like to say to Monica Sanders?
She is a really strong women. If she determines something she is doing it. It is good to work with him, and I like her.

Most of your movies with CruelAmazons were CBT and extremely brutal, why? do you like CBT the most, or was it your contract terms to administer CBT?
As I have mentioned above many watchers like CBT, that's why I make lots of these movies. But regardless I like CBT

What do you think of: Jessica Lee a blonde dominatrix,
I like her...

Gaby Bouttal
Gaby is a nice girl. I have worked a lot with her in other productions too.

At the end, we can only thank you for this wonderful interview, wishing you all the best and fulfilling of all your dreams, looking forward to see you again in other occasions.....best luck.

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