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In The Name of Love

Guest Review by Sprite

Mood claim to produce the most severe spanking films available. In the Name of Love continues their theme of making very good quality films with a cast comprising young attractive girls, with exclusively girl on girl action.

This time the story line is that a female agent is sent to infiltrate a secret sect who purify the souls of the members by inflicting pain. The agent is admitted and very soon is told to discard her clothing to wear the uniform of the sect, basically a cloth wrap around their hips and nothing much else. This means that we are treated throughout the film to the sight of many nubile girls topless - a bonus for the breast lover.

The girl is led to a room where the sect are all gathered kneeling to witness the cleansing procedure, which initially involves a pussy whipping and shocking on the pussy with an electric wand. The agent is fully exposed, lying on her back with her legs tied wide apart. The appearance of her clitoris from the hood during this process indicates that she might be enjoying this part of the procedure - but there is much worse to come.

After a second girl is punished with a fairly severe bare back whipping, involving 50 lashes of a whip, the agent returns to the stage with two other girls to face a very severe beating. The positioning is unusual for a spanking movie in that the girl is made to lie down on a wooden contraption with her legs tied straight up in the air and her hands shackled to her side. This means that we see her beautiful clear white bottom and also her pussy.

Her bottom does not stay white for long as the leader calls out 50 strokes which are applied with expert force and accuracy by the assistant, who are very fit and also topless.

The second girl also receives 50 blistering strokes and the third receives 75. Each is delivered with strength, as can be seen from the lines and weals which rise from the first stroke. The caning is very painful, because of the positioning, which results in the strokes mainly landing on the lower bottom and the backs of their thighs and also because quite thin canes are used. Several canes are used, which all either break or fray due to the number and force of the stokes.

A possibly controversial aspect of this film is that the frayed cane used on the third girl slices into her left buttock, causing bleeding in several places to an extent that the blood runs down her skin. This may not be to everyone's taste and as a result the film is only suitable for those wanting to see extreme severe caning action.

At the end we have three girls with very sore bottoms and thighs just where they sit down, so they will have a painful reminder of their experience for several days afterwards.

The film is very professionally made, with a large cast. In my opinion it confirms the producer's claim to being the leader in this type of movie.

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