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In the Red Again

Directed and Produced: Steven English
Starring: Georgie as Samantha
Catherine Corbett as Tara
Paul Billingsley as Paul
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

I have to say that Strictly English brings us consistent work of extraordinary quality. They have become one of my favorite spanking studios. In this video you will experience the kind of action that makes the British Spanking Film industry one of the best in this world wide market place, and Strictly English is among the premiere British spanking video company's.

" In The Red Again" is an amazing example of superior filmmaking. This video starts out with Samantha receiving a hard spanking by her irate husband for over spending on the credit card. Later we find Samantha and Tara examining their prizes from an afternoon of shopping. We learn that the trophies from this shopping excursion were paid for with Paul's credit card. Samantha expected her friend to pay off her part of the credit card bill. Samantha was horrified to learn that Tara was unable to pay her. " I'll pay you next week darling", she said to ever more concerned friend. Samantha then found herself relating the humiliating story of her spanking by Paul. This video features one of my favorite spanking starlets, Catherine Corbett playing the role of Tara. And she has this coquettish look on her face when she offers to take half of the punishment for Samantha when Samantha is caught breaking her husbands rules again about over spending on the credit card. It seems that this time Samantha has not only broken Paul's rules on use of the credit cards, but has actually put the card over the limit, which leaves Paul without a credit card and simply furious with his wife. Tara, partially out of altruistic motivations and sexual desire informs her friend's husband that she was at fault as Samantha was helping her out. She offers to take half of the punishment that Paul had planned to administer to Samantha. Paul agrees to this. The first to feel Paul's wrath is Samantha. As Paul spanks his wife, Tara is made to sit and watch. Then it's Tara's turn, and Samantha is made to stand and watch as Paul gives Tara an extremely hard hand spanking. First over her panties, and then with her panties lowered to her knees. There is also very good use of a POV shot through a mirror in which we can see Samantha watching from her viewpoint. Now it's Samantha's turn again, and again we get a few peeks through the mirror from Tara's point of view. They are both made to stand in the corner and are allowed to rub their glowing posteriors. There is some terrific dialogue between the two women while they are doing corner time, and we are treated to a short flashback of their punishment.

Paul leaves the room and returns with two wooden spoons, actually one wooden spoon and a wooden spatula. It's over the knee again for Samantha, while Tara watches through the mirror and rubs her red bottom. Samantha gets some more punishment on her two beautiful orbs with both the spatula and spoon. Then it's Tara's turn for the same treatment. Another very interesting thing, Paul uses a three-minute egg timer for each of these sessions. Steven English, a master video artist, also makes good use of insert pictures on the side of the screen, which gives the viewer a very nice picture of the faces of the naughty lasses while they are receiving their punishments. After several three-minute sessions it's more time standing while Paul fetches the cane. They both lean over the mantelpiece to get their fair share of a good, hard caning. During the entire time Tara was being punished by Paul, she has been making eyes at him, and being sexually provocative. This fact has not gone without notice by Samantha and she gives Tara a good spanking for flirting with her husband.

Both of the women in this video are lovely and can take a good, hard and long spanking. The rooms and location used appear real because they are and this just adds immensely to the enjoyment of the video.

The video quality and production values are very superior. The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are excellent. The scenario is true to life, and you can have the voyeuristic pleasure of witnessing these intimate punishments. I give this video a hearty recommendation. On the Spank-O-Meter I give this video a 9.0 out of 10.

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