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The Invitation

Time: 30 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR 10/12/07

A brief exercise, found in our examination of CalStar's enduring works; a tall brunette peruses JANUS magazines in a London bookshop, perhaps that shadowy store seen in ads. A female shopclerk detects some potential and strikes up a conversation, assisting the customer in choosing some issues relating to females spanking females. While ringing up the sale, the shopgirl suggests she show the brunette what a spanking is like. She locks the shop and gives the brunette an ineffectual handspanking on her jeans, but she likes it well enough to accept an invitation to go home with the clerk, who then collects the necessary implements,right there in the store.

At the apartment, they flip through the JANUS copies and the brunette decides to try a more involved spanking. Jeans and blouse off, over the lap, on the couch, for a firm handspanking. Our brunette is all legs, and has the most salacious way of raising her bottom to meet the hand, in panties which are no help at all. Next, she kneels on the couch for a strap. Then it's the cane, a thin whippy thing. Pants come down, and when she arches her back, she's a little bow-legged, she shows us---well, everything. We know how she got this part. About 10 sexy snappy strokes. The clerk is rubbing her knee against the squirming spankee. They leave the set, bound for other activities. Short film, but fun.

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