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Irreparable Damage

58 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/22/10

Two girls have been sent to Mrs. Bart-Simpson's mansion to polish and care for a valuable table. They muck it up straightaway; you can tell by the set and the lighting that they will be losing their pants very soon. Mrs. B-S goes nuts. "It's absolutely diabolical what you've done to my're going to have to be smacked for this."

The giddy and incompetent girls seem defenseless. Mrs. B-S will address the redhead first. She wears a gray suit, stockings, and heels and at least looks like she knows what she is doing. OTK, suit skirt up, black panties down. She bruises even at this early stage of a very hard handspanking. The tall brunette is spanked next, her boyshorts bunched to get at some bare skin. Both girls are displayed over the table--"very nice pink bums."

Mrs. B-S is just going to keep laying it on these girls. She has then take off their jackets. "Better? Sure you don't want to strip off any more?" The girls apologize profusely, but Mrs. B-S is firm and severe. "You're not half as sorry as you will be."

In an adjoining lounge, Mrs. B-S next will spank the statuesque brunette. "Pull your panties down." The spanking implements are laid out. Mrs. B-S's language is sexy, teasing, and seductive. The rest of her clothes come off, but for stockings. Bent over naked, boobs hang, she wails under a heavy embossed leather strap, which nicks between her legs. As the redhead watches, the brunette now faces the cane--almost 30 strokes, repeats cleverly mingled, some very rapid sets. "Open your legs a tiny touch." Full marks, closeups.

The redhead must finish her sequence. Skirt off, "knickers down please," oval paddle; top and bra off, same keen interest in her body for Mrs. B-S. After the strap, the tawse, some sexy feels between her legs, it is "cane time now."

The redhead gts about 20 strokes, "legs wider, girl." Femininity confirmed and then some. Lovely banged-up bottom.

The girls dress and leave. Good thing their boss sent them instead of coming himself.

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