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Is This Dust I See

time: 50 Minutes
year: 1996
Review by Mars 9/17/10

If you like exquisitely detailed British Empire corporal punishment ritual, this film is highly recommended. Sir Roderick Caningham Browne plays the lord of a castle--two comely maids in his household will experience some classic discipline. Sir Roderick, an older gentleman decked out in houndstooth, plays landed gentry who fancies the bare bottom, but he could just as easily have been portrayed gving a lecture on the origins of the Boer War.

Daisy, a scrumptuous, pert and sexy blonde and new on staff, enters Sir Roderick's office to dust. She wears a very short black taffeta uniform, crinolines underneath, with lace apron, maid's cap, and black stockings. Sir Roderick watches her flash white ruffled lace panties as she bends to work. He is working himself up, as it were.

She misses some dust and Sir Roderick has found his pretense. "You need a reminder of the terms under which you are employed." He takes her OTK with a dramatic flourish--her skirt rides up on its own, being intentionally so short. He gives a short very firm handspanking, a good omen that we will not seeing any paddy-cake spankings today.

She is ordered to stand, and "Take your knickers down to your knees." "Oh, sir!" Total submission ranks high in the ritual. Excellent full-screen bare bottom spanking, during which actress Isabella, as brunette maid Edith, enters and seems quite unfazed by a bare bottom being spanked in this household. Daisy is new and not accustomed to his lordship yet. She is released and rubs her bottom without permission, another no-no. Sir Roderick shows her a huge strap and his cane, slamming the desk with the strap, and swishing ominously with the cane.

"Carry on dusting with your knickers where they are," which is delightfully at her knees. Old geezer Sir Roderick gets his kicks watching Daisy's bottom peek as she works. She breaks an heirloom, earning her a return at "10 o'clock this evening to receive your proper punishment." Edith will attend also, for her share.

Later, the girls whisper and Daisy learns she is going to be strapped and caned. There is a daydreaming scene where Sir Roderick envisions Daisy bare-bottomed over his chair. Very nice to imagine.

That night, Sir Roderick awaits, in his tuxedo, sipping red wine from Waterford. He practices hard cane strokes on a pillow on the chair where Daisy's bottom glistened in his mind's eye. We hope he doesn't lose his severe resolve. A tentative knock, the two girls sheepishly enter. Daisy must read aloud the castle's ten commandments of punishment, delicious CP cues they are.

"We come to the serious part of the evening." Brunette Edith goes first. One of the commandments, "You must remove your knickers yourself." Another:" bend over the desk." Sir Roderick elegantly uncovers her bottom--skirt up, a transparent crinoline peeled back, to display dramatic wide feminine achingly perfect buttocks. Sir Roderick uses a wide floppy leather strap with holes in it, fearsome to see--12 strokes Edith must count out and thank him for--another humiliating commandment. "You may rub your bottom."

"Change places." Daisy goes over, but earns an extra 6 with the strap because she is so hesitant in taking off her knickers. 18 full-swing rousing cracks.

"We come now to the cane." Edith's been in bed with the chauffeur, but first 4 more with the strap for not prompting Daisy to get her knickers off. She assumes "position #2," hands-on-chair, head low, knees locked, bottom soaring. RedStripe delineates every nuance of a good spanking. "Heels together, arch your back." Four strap sizzlers.

Then the cane--12 full bodied strokes, no shortcuts here. Edith has some difficulty holding position, so she is made to grab her ankles for the last two. The lighting doesn't show clear marks, but they are there--the cane bent almost double on each stroke, a few nasty lines visible on her thighs.

"Daisy, assume the position," which is kneeling on the soft easy chair, head and shoulders over the back, another world-class bottom displayed high on the chair back when the layers of slips are rolled back. Twelve wonderful strokes, Daisy wiggles and kicks, her cries muffled because her head is over the chair. She gets two extras for slow counting and unauthorized rubbing.

The session is concluded. Daisy will recite the commands from memory at a repeat session next week, and Edith will pay even more dearly if she fails. What time? Where? Please call.

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