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It Began in the Garden

Starring: Amy
Running Time: 36 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

The video begins with various shots of Amy sitting in a chair with a gag in her mouth. Oh, and she's wrapped in celophane. Not being into the bondage side of things, this one sort of struck me as a little different. A piece was cut out so her breasts are exposed and of course her head is free of the clear plastic as well. Enter the guy who appears in most of the KShara films, the guy I like to call KSharaMan. The first thing he does is feel her boobs. Well, I suppose if you came upon a woman wrapped in celophane and her tits were out for the grabbing, what would you do? Amy has the look of "you had your feel, now let me out". Instead, KSharaMan pulls out a whipping device and proceeds to whip her breasts while holding her nose. Not exactly what Amy had in mind. In addition to whipping and messing around with her boobs, he also has a good time in messing with her head. Tilting the chair back and forth and laying down on the ground.

When KSharaMan has enough with the chair and whipping, we move into a garage where Amy is now on all fours sitting on top of four large truck tires (must have been funn getting all that celophane off). He first rubs a cane over her nose, just so she knows for certain what is going to be used on her ass. Once grabbing hold of her hair, he proceeds to make good on his gesture by firing a number of heavy strokes across her bottom. To add insult to injury, he pinches her butt and slaps it for good measure before returning to the cane. You also have to see the manner in which he stands when delivering the strokes. Very artistic.

After becoming bored with plain ol' butt caning, he decides to become a little more creative. He canes her on the back of the legs and on the buttocks while holding her legs in a variety of positions. Kind of interesting, as remember, she is trying to balance herself on top of truck tires. After some face slapping, he has her kneel so he can whip her tits some more. He realizes that this isn't much of a challenge, so she is made to stand and balance herself while he whips her body. How she doesn't fall off is actually quite amazing. And I do believe he does try.

The next part shows Amy laying on her back with a lit candle taped in her mouth. That's a new one on me, but again, I'm not into the B and D side of things. He whips and spanks the crap out of her, getting her on the butt, stomach, legs, and breasts. And it actually takes a while for the candle to go out with all this wind from the whip going around. Finally, after 35 minutes, her ordeal is finished. Another unusual yet original production from the folks at KShara.

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