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It Hurts to Remember

27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/3/08

Old Imprint feature; a glamorous blonde and a starlet-quality radiant brunette sip wine and remember the year when the English blonde tried to teach the French brunette to speak English. They laugh, the brunette allows as how "It hurts to remember." The blonde: "I'll bet it does."

Flashback; different setting, different hairstyles. The blonde tutor is struggling with the teaching and decides a little spanking might improve the learning curve. We can certainly point to a number of successes in that regard in the literature. But the brunette won't stand still to be spanked, so it's off to the boudoir.

The blonde gets her on the bed, pants down, but her bottom won't stay still. Nice twisting rolling struggle, comically enhanced by a low-flying plane on the soundtrack. The blonde tries the diaper position to hold the French girl still. Not much luck, but we see a perfect shavng job.

"Time to use other more modern methods." Back in the sitting room, panties back in place, our sweet French dameselle is urged into the "crab" position, front up, bottom down, raised off the floor on hands and feet, back straight, not easy to do. A tough enough exercise position this is, without someone trying to snap your bottom from below with a cane. The camera focuses on her crotch, still in pink panties. The cane snaps are silly but fun, causing the brunette to wiggle away and squeal.

The panties come off and suddenly this is a five star position, not so silly. And the girl knows what she is showing us and instinctively tries to close her knees. Don't believe we have ever seen this variation before. After sufficient time for this humiliation, the brunette kneels on a chair, book in her face, and gets a cane whack for each reading error. Pretty bottom and spectacular girl, but light spanking.

Toe-touching is next. There are some sweet reflexive evasions to false cane strokes. Quarreling over learning...."Grab your ankles." Finally, about 25 minutes of performance, there are some vague cane lines, before we flash forward to the present. Nothing much here except an exceptional raven brunette and the wondrous crab exercise.

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