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It's Not My Fault

time: 28 Minutes
Review by Mars 8/6/10

Standard schoolgirl punishments, elegant in detail as always from RedStripe, with the twist that a teacher gets rolled up in the spanking too. Becky, a cute little blonde, played by Barbie Mel, who peaks your iinterest in the video from the first, and an older brunette teacher are seen drinking in a local pub. Apparently they got rowdy, the police called the school, and teacher Barry Hutchins has the task of sorting it all out.

He confronts them upon their return, is disgusted by their deportment and dress, and will deal with them in his office tomorrow. Becky flashes her bottom in tight red pants.

The next morning in his office, they report; "I'm going to have to go back to the old routine." Becky, now in spankable schoolgirl attire, is quickly taken OTK, skirt up, well-fitted white panties. The female teacher observes--she thinks she is in the role of a supervisor. He takes Becky's pants down with care--lots of "Oh, Sir, please" stuff from Becky and nice overhead camera work; because Becky has the goods. After a brief handspanking, she is cornered in the official pose; she pulls her panties down to exactly across her thighs, bending her knees theatrically.

The female teacher is beckoned to go OTK. She is shocked and protests, but just for a few seconds. Skirt up, black thong, garter belt, stockings. A slow, hard handspanking, and noisy, with kicking and shuffling.

Nearby is a wooden vaulting horse, a coveted piece of furniture for a CP movie. Over Becky goes, and down come the pants again. Lots of emphasis on her pretty face and blond pageboy. The vaulting horse puts the girls' bottoms at waist height for the spanking teacher. "Oh, please, sir, not on my bare bottom." The soft oval paddle is loud and fun but not very effective. Becky's little leg kicks, in her maryjanes and knee socks, help though. Teacher is next for the horse. When she gets up, he wants her dress off--once again with a minimum of hesitation, then back over the horse for more paddle. Becky is peeking, chewing her fingers in mock anxiety.

The teacher arranges both girls over the vault and alternates with the paddle--good rear shots and obliques. Back to the wall for the girls--lots of back-and-forth in this film; Becky returns to the vault for a tawse. It is mild stuff, but again saved by Becky's cute squeaks and jumps between strokes. The female teacher gets the tawse--also mild. At this point two very pretty blond students creep in to revel in the sight of their teacher, bare bottom on the line.

There follows a brief rubbing session at the wall. Becky is an experienced actress at this; she has spread her legs to pull her downed panties tight and she pulls her cheeks apart for good closeups.

The male enforcer has picked up his cane and the sexy teacher will bend over first, hands on knees. She counts out six, then over a stool for 12 more, then a final 6 "extras." All mild strokes, but fun, in that the teacher is totally subjugated by her male counterpart. Their eye contact in the faculty lounge will have different meaning in future.

Sweet Becky follows and grabs her ankles. 12 strokes, a tad harder possibly, and 4 "extras," also increasing in power, as if the actor was testing to see how far he could go. Becky jumps at the faux wooshes the male teacher teases her with.

At the conclusion of this scene, the two observing students, perfect schoolgirls, return and sort of pose on-set with the cast, make us hope for a grand sequel with all these girls.

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