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It's Your Responsibility

year: 1999
time: 36 minutes

2nd Guest review by MARS posted 5/14/10

The story of this video is nicely told in the review which precedes it here, so we dispense with the blow-by-blow and focus on those parts which entertained and augment Alvin's writing.

The 40-something mother is played by Dawn Deacon and the headmistress is the redoubtable Miss Chambers. Both actresses have significant CP acting credits, which explains why the little details of the parts they played are so carefully crafted.

Miss Chambers plays the dominatrix controlling disciplinarian throughout the film, commanding Dawn's every move--when to sit down, panties up/down, where and when to bend over, no rubbing/touching, etc., to such extent that Dawn is submissive, tearful, and totally compliant by the end of the long caning sequence.

The production itself is just a little off-mark for Red Strip, as if producer Ivor Gold were away. Sound and lighting are average, some equipment is caught in some shots, and you can feel the presence of crew. Although--RS avoids airplane flyovers, barking dogs, phone riings, and some other interruptions which detract from a bottom being roasted.

Dawn does a nice job of feigning surprise that a spanking is coming her way. Reluctant surrender has a high erotic value for us. Chambers is as mlten sexy as we can recall--low cut blouse, short skirt, high heels, camera shots from below to accentuate wineglass stem legs, and yet she is intimidating and threatening throughout.

Following the handspanking, and strapping with two straps, the caning begins with the usual threstening swoosh, the cane coming out of its umbrella stand like a dentist's drill being moved into position. the first caning is 25 strokes (we didn't see repeats), during which Chambers keps up the humiliating talk. Dawn must count out yet another 12, then a little dispute about the count results in more strokes. Chambers brooks no disagreement and is proud to tell us "Mrs. Hunter-Ford" is not the first mother to find herself in this fix.

And there is no pleasing Miss Chambers. "I'm not satisfied." Because Dawn has been argumentative, she must touch toes and sing out 12 more strokes before the women shake hands and call it done. This beating of almost 50 strokes is consistent with Dawn Deacon'sthreshold in other films.

There is a sequel, when Deacon (Mrs. Hunter-Ford) goes home and settlesup with her student daughter who caused this mess.

Original Guest Review by Alvin posted 8/15/08

If like me, you prefer to see a snooty, mature woman in her 40's "taken down a peg or two" and given a long overdue spanking, you'll love this movie. The fact that she has a voluptuous hourglass figure, has long curly shoulder-length hair like the model Marie Helvin, nicely spoken and is dressed in an expensive white designer suit, makes it unmissable.

The movie starts with the elegant Mrs Hunter-Ford descending the stairs of her home reading a letter from her beloved daughter's school. Apparently the school is writing to expel her daughter.

Mrs Hunter-Ford makes an appointment to see the head-mistress. She knocks at the door and is invited in and immediately sits down on the chair in front of the desk of the much younger head-mistress.

"Good afternoon Miss Spencer", she says in a confident voice as befits a woman whose husband drives an expensive Rolls Royce car and is obviously used to getting her own way. However, the wind is soon taken out of her sails as the head-mistress snaps, "I didn't ask you to sit down, stand-up!". And Mrs Hunter-Ford jumps up like a naughty schoolgirl (which is rather appropriate as this is just how she will be treated shortly)

For the moment though, she wants to know, "What damned right do you have to expel my daughter from the school. Over the next few minutes the head-mistress in a cool, composed voice explains that the girl's behaviour is unacceptable to which Mrs Hunter-Ford exclaims that she takes full responsibity for her daughter's actions. At this point she is asked to sit down and she crosses one shapely leg over the other (very difficult to take your eyes off her at this point as she is so sexy). At this point Miss Spencer adopts her strict, icy persona and says, "Your daughter is your responsibility and you've been failing in that area. She goes on to say, "In fact, if I had my way I'd punish you both!!" (And you find yourself gulping and thinking this is getting interesting. Surely it's only bratty girls with tattoos and jeans who get spanked, not sophisticated women).

"What do you mean punish me? You mean ground me?", and she laughed.

"Oh no, we use different methods here Mrs Hunter-Ford", Miss Spencer continued,"We administer corporal punishment here. Starting with a spanking and proceeding from there". Mrs Hunter-Ford is outraged, "You can't do that to me". She's told the alternative is her daughter to be expelled from the school with all the shame that brings.

"I'll take that as a yes and deal with you now," said Miss Spencer who comes around to the front of the desk and perches most provocatively on the edge. She's wearing a black silk blouse, a tight dog-tooth micro-mini skirt, black panty-hose and high heels. (Definitely a contender to receive a spanking herself but sadly I've hunted high and low, to no avail).

Eventually, Mrs Hunter-Ford reluctantly agrees that she has no choice. She's told to stand up and take her jacket off. Slowly she undoes the buttons to remove the jacket and she's wearing a revealing leapard-skin vest top. She is then commanded to raise her white designer skirt. This is no mean feat as it's so tight and she has to wriggle it over her burgeoning thighs. She lowers herself reluctantly over the younger womans thighs. Mrs Hunter-Ford is wearing high-heels, sheer black nylons with lacy tops attached to a black suspender-belt and expensive black silk panties. These panties leave so much of her delectable rear on show, I found myself gasping for air (Lucky old Mr Hunter-Ford!!)

Almost immediately the spanking starts. Every time Miss Spencer's hand lands there's a delightful "splat" and the cheek wobbles like a blancmange. And accompanied by an "oh" or an "ah". Eventually, Miss Spencer takes hold of her panties and says, "I think we'll havethese down".

"No", protests Mrs Hunter-Ford, "Only my husband sees my bottom" and she she frantically grabs them to prevent them being removed. It's to no avail andnowthe spanking continues over her completely naked rear. "SPANK, SPANK, SPANK" it continues with Mrs Hunter-Ford pleading for it to stop. There's some delightful shots from thefront looking down her magnificent cleavage.

Suddenly she's told to stand up which she does and is frantically rubbing her rear. Miss Spencer then orders her, "Unfasten your stockings". I found this particularly arousing. How humiliating to be ordered by a younger woman to unfasten her sexy stockings from thesuspender belt, the very symbol of her sexiness. Back over the knee she goes and the spanking is if anything more intense.

Then she's told she's going to be strapped over a chair and after several minutes of this treatment, her legs start to buckle. The camera switches to her face. Her previously immaculately makeup with black mascara, green eye-shadow and pink lipstick dissolve in a fit of tears. She actually starts crying and sobs, "It's not fair". But her punishment isnot over, finally she has to submit to the cane. Every stroke brings forth a cry and yet more tears. By the time its over all previous arrogance has gone. She's left a sobbing wreck as she'stold to "pull up your panties, straighten yourself up and I don't want to see you here agin." .

By the sight of Mrs Hunter-Ford's tortured rear, her husband will be forgoing his conjugal rights tonight.

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