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Jacque's Hard Whippings

28 minutes

Jacque, of the famous body--a combination of a Barbi Doll and Playboy's cartoon Annie Fanny. She gets a session with producer Ed Lee in this continuing "Hard Whippings" series. There she stands, centerstage, naked on the little platflorm, trapeze bar ready above, and T-bar positioned at her ankles. She wears only stockings and high heels. We are familiar with her hard melon breasts solid chiseled buttocks.

Lee circles in his bathrobe with his whip. The pretext here is that Jacque has been flirting around with other girls' boyfriends. She is going to pay for it three ways. Camera angles are abundant, a shortcoming improved from the past. To begin, Jacque must grab the trapese bar. Lee whips her back and bottom first. She squeaks, but her rock-like bottom doesn't even ripple in the slightest under the whip.

She must bend and grab the T-bar. Lee insists that she spread her legs a bit more and bend her knees. This magnificent posture, while hanging on to the T-bar, displays more jewels than usual for Nu West. The cameraman has dropped to the floor to shoot up into the action. The whipping on her buttocks is loud and fierce but once again shows little result. Makes a person want to keep at it.

Another round of whipping, then: "Time to finish up our little girl...we're going to lather you up, young lady." And he does, ringing strokes marching up and down. She is left to stand here for an hour to "think."

The second session for Jacque is on the "X" cross, without even stockings or heels. The whipper here is another actor, playing her boyfriend. He is going to exact his measure too. He is not as entertaining as Lee, and whips harder, but without those biting little nips with the whip Lee uses to extract howls. Afterward, she is left to think again.

And the third segment, she is tied nude to a steel column in the workshp. Buxom Amazonian Vanna does the honors this time. Jacque has flirted with her boyfriend. Vanna has plenty of experience, and her whip is loud, fierce, and colorful, including some vertical slashes. She scolds Jacque as she attacks. At the conclusion, Jacque still isn't marked very much. She is either one tough cookie or the strokes were diverted. No matter, her squirming nudity was highly entertaining, and we sort of hope she did not learn her lesson.

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