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Jailyard CP

time: 40 minutes
2nd Guest Review by MARS posted 8/22/08

We would like to supplement the reviews of this excellent film. Two glamorous female guards will beat the bejusus out of 6 equally striking female prisoners. At Mood, the tormentors and victims are from the same modeling runway. In the opening scene, one guard is teaching another how to postion and strike with the cane--WHACK on a dummy pad. Is it possible it will be that hard?

The scene shifts to the prison infirmary, where 6 prisoners sit about completely naked, beng given simple medical checks before punishment festivities. Lovely tension here--difficult but thrilling to imagine all these nubile girls are going to be spanked. This is yet another erotic portrayal of a sequence of whippings to poor incarcerated females.

The canings begin; Eva, prisoner #4734, a thin blonde with a perfect unblemished body, is fastened over a very uncomfortable-looking intimidating wood bench with crossbars. Mood lights the girls' shining elegant bottoms better than any producer. She takes only two strokes, but they rock and this sets the tone.

Prisoner #1984 is locked down, another gorgeous pigtailed brunette with perfect hindquarters. Two strokes--immediate stripes.

Prisoner #1046, a shorter brunette, gets but four strokes, but you are certain she will remember them. The floor of the punishment chamber is gravel. The crunch of the naked girls' bare feet as they are positioned and released is another additive to Mood's tension index.

Girl #9374, a tall dramatic blonde, gets a set of 10. Things are escalating.

Eva returns for just two more strokes. One could argue valuable time is lost fastening and releasing the bare naked girls, but the canings are so severe and wicked that we need the respite as much as they do. Eva's welts from her first kneel-down are vivid.

Prisoner #4031 has small breasts but a powerful challenging bottom. She is going to get 30 for prostitution. The strokes are prodigious; she quivers uncontrollably and her bottom will show these marks for some time.

Last is prisoner #1125, another tall theatrical almost regal blonde, charged with hit-and-run. She is to receive 100 strokes, which seems impossible. She is screaming at 33 strokes. The guards change caning chores at 50. This is as intense as it needs to be, well acted, and if there was any trickery involved in the filming, we accept it as part of the rousing theater.

Back to the infirmary, the staff is ministering to the various bottoms stretched out on beds.

1st Guest Review by Sprite 9/27/06

This is the latest production from Mood Pictures which continues with their established theme of the very harsh caning of girls by girls. The set is very simple, a caning bench in a bleak yard setting. The plot, also, is uncomplicated, being the judicial caning of five convicts by two stern and sadistic practitioners. As a result the preliminaries do not take very long, and the large part of the film is dedicated to caning action.

The five girls vary in attractiveness, and it is little surprise that the more attractive they are the fewer strokes they receive. One girl receives 2 sets of 2 strokes, the second just 2 strokes, the third 10, the fourth 30 and the last a full 100 stroke beating.

The caning is with a traditional rattan cane, and the caning action is unusual for this type of film, with the cane being raised above the head and then brought down in a long arc with full body weight behind each stroke.

CP movies do not come any more severe than this, and the girl receiving the 100 strokes must be very experienced to take such punishment without breaking down. By the end of her ordeal she is a mass of welts and deep bruises from the bottom of her back to the top of her knees, and I can imagine that it will be many days before the bruising will fade. I hope she was paid handsomely because she certainly earned her fee.

After this we see the girls lying on their prison beds receiving soothing balm from one of the guards. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see the full effects of the caning aftermath.

The two girls carrying out the caning are superbly cold and clinical and fearsomely dedicated to their task.

So, to summarize, this production lacks erotic charm and will appeal only to those who wish to see intense and severe judicial caning action. Not one to show the wife as an introduction to the joys of corporal punishment.

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