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Tales of the Old Janitor

Time: 27 minutes
Running Time: 30 Minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 11/5/10

The first review here will help with the story. An entertaining theme we've seen before--gentlemen of a certain age, grizzled old janitors a/k/a dirty old men, reminisce about the days when young ladies were sent to them in the boiler room for punishment, and they could spank and cane to the outer limits. This time we see a group of them talking at a pub, drinking beer and playing cards. At the pub, at another table, a young girl is playing hooky from school--she sits with her boyfriend watching these men, knowing their type, realizing she would be exactly the prize they would covet.

The principal flashback relates to one of the janitors, who remembers being hired at a girls' school, being shown the punishment room by his headmistress, where he will be required to spank students who have been sent to him. The room is a plaster/stone cavern basement sort of place, ideal for intimidation.

The first spanking sequence involves three very young-looking innocent girls, in simple pinafore school uniforms, who wait on hard chairs, punishment slips in their hand, for their turn with the janitor. The first girl is a diminuative pigtailed blonde, who looks, well, you have to be eighteen to make one of these films. She is frightened, hands him her note, is logged in the punishment book, then pulls down her own bloomer-like pants and is taken OTK. After the janitor rummages through her skirts and slips, he finds her sweet, pale, small bare bottom and begins a moderate handspanking. She screams Lupus-style. The waiting girls outside quake on their hard seats.

The brief spanking concludes; a second girl comes in, bares her bottom and receives a leather belt from the janitor.

More students in a different session: this film is meant to catalogue girls' visits to this yong janitor in his tomb-like punishment chamber. The next girl to be punished stands on a small footstool and bends over the back of a straight chair. Pants down for the belt; although the position puts her buttocks higher to view, we don't see much in this short segment.

The next young lady's appointment is more Lupus-like. She is defiant and suspicious of this young janitor. She is tied over a table, her bottom bared. She screams as she gets the belt. Good facial tears, and an appropriate concluding touch we wonder why we don't see more often--she elects not to pull her tight bloomers over her sore bottom but instead pockets them.

The next girl to walk down the stone stairs to the chamber appears to be a young school staff member, wearng conventional clothes. She is tied full length on a bench, her panties pulled down, and her bare bottom framewd by a garter belt and stockings. She screams under a whip.

The film concludes in the present. We have been watching the schoolgirl sitting in the background, apparently listening to the salty spanking tales, bawdy memories of the grizzly men. When the actress Alexandra Wolf, playing a school official, enters the pub, the girl dives under the table. We presume what went on in the basement of the school might still be possible for this girl today.

Initial Review by: John O'Connel, publisher/webmaster spreview.net

The video opens with 3 older men sitting at a table in a tavern. The three are enjoying a drink and playing cards. Behind them is a girl in a schoolgirl outfit and a young man. She notices that one of the men is looking at her and that the uniform she wearing could give her away. One of the men does recognize the uniform as the attire of St. Thomas' School and says she is probably cutting class. "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child" comments one of the men, which prompts one of them to talk of how he was a janitor at St. Thomas and that he was in charge of corporal punishment. He says that in those days, this girl would have been canned for cutting class and how they were very strict.

The men of course want to hear more, so he begins his story and the scene changes to when he was a younger man first starting employment at the school. The headmistress strongly believed in corporal punishment and that it should always be very harsh. Even some of the younger teachers would have to be punished from time to time. There was a special room in the basement in which the girls would wait outside of while one of them were punished. Inside was a chair, a table, and a cabinet with various instruments. There was also a book, in which the punishments were logged. He explains that the girl would receive a note from the teacher, a "ticket", and she would bring this to the janitor. He would then log the offense in the book and determine how severe her punishment should be. Punishement was always on the bare, and the headmistress said he was to give no remorse and be as heavy handed as possible. He had to learn techniques and always had to use full force, for she would check their bottoms a few days later an if the marks faded, she would reduce his pay. She also used to listen to the punishments through a vent to make sure they were screaming and yelling from the punishment.

The youngest pupils were always punished first, around noon time. We see a blonde girl enter the room in the uniform of the time and hand him the "ticket". He writes in the book and then has her bare her bottom. He hand spanks her bare bottom over his knee until it is red. She gets up, then he decides to spank her some more just to make sure that the Headmistress is satisfied. The blonde girl leaves and next to enter is a brunette girl. She will be getting 25 with the strap. As he pull her knickers down and puts her into the position, the first girl outside the door shows her bum to another girl and says she will get more when she gets home for misbehaving at school. The Janitor explains to his friends that it was fairly common for parents to punish their kids after they were punished at school. The older girls were punished after 2. Anyway, we go back to see the girl get her 25 lashes. She has to thank him before the punishment and then after the punishment concludes. The next girl is very defiant. He tells her to kneel and she ignores him. So, he says he'll add 5 more to make it 30 lashes. He tells her again to kneel and she ignores him again. Up to 35 lashes and she finally does as she's asked. He secures her to the table and tells her to thank him and she does not. So he strikes her with the belt. He tells her that the official count does not begin until she thanks him. After another lash she thanks him and the count begins. She tries to take the punishment like a real trooper. She does not want to cry or yell, but after maybe 10 you can see the screams wanted to break loose from her mouth. Finally she lets a yell out and it just keeps going from there. We skip back to the tavern for a moment as the man explains that for really good performances he would get a bonus. We then get to see the wrap up of the brunette's punishment, where she is left bruised and crying. At this point the bartender has a beer that is overflowing from the tap as he is so involved listening to the stories.

The Janitor then tells of how after 4 sometimes young teachers would be sent to him for misrepresenting the school and needed to be taught a lesson. We see this cute young woman strapped down to a table with her skirt up and panties down just below her butt cheeks. She is then given 25 lashes with the strap (I don't think we actually see all 25, I lost count, but it didn't seem like 25 anyhow). At this point the current headmistress walks into the tavern and the girl sitting behind the janitor takes off like a shot. He gets up and asks her if she remembers him. She does and says she wishes he was still there.

This video is like the other Lupus videos I've seen. It's hard to offer an opinion on it. The video doesn't offer as much corporal punishment as other videos, but the story is good and is presented so well. I enjoyed just watching and listening to, well reading, the story. I would recommend you visiting the Lupus website and check out the tons of free photos. Then go from there. The video is roughly 30 minutes long and the video/sound quality is good.


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