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Jennifer Brooks Meets Ed Lee

Nu West NWV-185
29 minutes
Stars: Ed Lee and Jennifer Brooks

This seems to be early in Jennifer Brooks' "scene" career; she is affiliated with Shadow Lane here. Her history is available elsewhere. Let's focus on her and rely on Ed to present her in a good light.

Ed does "interview" tapes. He introduces Jennifer as a celebrity, a tall blonde leggy package in a short black cocktail dress. They sit and Ed questions her about how she got into spanking. Jennifer talks so fast, enthusiastically, and casually that this couldn't have been rehearsed. It's very cute, because we know there's a workout impending, and as usual we're impatient to get through Lee's talking segments.

After 5 minutes of chatter, she agrees to go OTK and is handspanked on her dress. "Let's warm up that black dress." Then it's back to the chairs and more interview about her CP career. Another trip OTK, skirt up, and a harder spanking on her black slip. She flails her beautiful legs nicely, flashing black high heels, and there are good facial gestures of surprise and shock.

More talk (and you keep your eye on Jennifer's face as she eases down in her chair) about being a naughty teenager and her search to intentionally earn spankings, and Lee asks if her bottom is starting to warm. Oh, yes. The next OTK is on her pantyhose only. In the final interview portion, Ed teases her to confess: "I'm going to be spanked on my bare bottom and I deserve it." When she's OTK, and in fact bare, we see nice thorough reddening has been achieved. Ed spanks her good and hard this time, with his usual gusto; she reflexively tries to cover herself, and he grips her wrist and pins her legs to steady the target. A nice little struggle.

At the end, Jennifer says laughingly, "You're a mean guy, Ed Lee." Hardly, by the year 2000 standards. As Lee does elsewhere, in the fadeout scene he positions her for a closeup, pulls down her pants, invites in the camera, and we and he admire his handiwork full-screen. If you like a young ingenue-Brooks, this is an OK experience.

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