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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

This is a 2 part video which features 1 girl in each part. Both parts are of the format where the spanker interviews the spankee prior to "getting down to business". The first part features Jennifer, who is a 24 year old blonde with long curly hair. She is wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and white jeans. She heard of this company from her mom, which I thought was interesting. Jennifer is featured in another video in which both Jennifer and her mother are spanked. Anyway, Jennifer chats about some of the devious activity she was involved with in her younger days, as well as the worst spankings she ever got from her parents. After a little bit of chit chat, she stands up and pulls down her jeans and white thong to show us her butt. She is made to get a hairbrush from the bathroom and then makes her way over to the bed. She lays down over the bed and places some pillows underneath her. He starts off with a fairly lengthy hand spanking, in which he stops several times to change the camera angle. Some nice views, including some facial shots. He has her stand up and place her hands on the bed for a little more hand spanking before returning to the first pose. He starts up with the hairbrush, which she admits hurts a bit more than our guys hand. He has her count out the last 10 and this part ends with Jennifer rubbing her butt.
Part 2- Christie. Christie is a brunette in her twenties that came from Ohio and is now living and going to school in Texas. She is wearing a black top and black jeans. Again there is discussion of her less than perfect behavior and the talk of how she was frequently spanked as a child. She stands up and lowers her jeans and black panties to show us her butt before the spanking begins. He makes his way over to the couch and has her lay across his lap for a fairly lengthy hand spanking. Again, he stops a few times to change the camera angle, which includes a facial shot. They even have a few discussions during the spanking. He then has her lean over the back of the couch (knees are on the cussions) and he uses a paddle on her bare butt. He at one point has her spread her cheeks to give us a little peek a boo, for those that would be interested. Finally he uses a wooded spoon to round out the tape and has her count out the 5 strokes. Some rubbing to finish the tape off. Good tape with real action on true amateurs. Video and sound quality is average and running time is around 30 minutes.

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