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Jessica and Brandi: Punished Together

Produced, Written and Directed By: Lady "D"
Mr. " M"
Ms. "J"
Starring: Teen Jessica
Teen Brandi
Review by: David Pierson

This is the first release of the 2003 season by the leader of the new wave in spanking video erotica. Would this cutting edge producer of spanking videos be able to maintain the high quality of work that their fans have come to expect?

With the release of " Jessica and Brandi: Punished Together" it is clear that the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

" Jessica and Brandi: Punished Together" is notable for the beauty of its young stars, creative and fun plot lines, terrific production values and an ending so intense that it will leave you breathless.

Scene I: The telephone Bill Affair or's Approach to conflict resolution

Jessica and Brandi have both complained about the other to Lady "D". (Not a good move.) Each claimed that their roommate was not paying her fair share of the phone bill. To settle the matter Lady "D", the woman who claims to have put the FU in fun, (Texas Humor) came up with a unique resolution to the problem. She decided that the girls should spank each other. First she made Jessica remove all of Brandi's clothes, take her across her knee and spank her. It is clear that our lovely little redhead makes her living as a professional submissive. Her spanking technique was decidedly tentative.

Soon, Brandi was instructed to relieve Jessica of her clothing and spank her. So now, the naked Brandi was spanking an equally naked Jessica who was sprawled over her knee. Unlike our sassy redhead, Brandi exhibited no tentativeness. It seems that Brandi may have the temperament of a dominant. She spanked Jessica hard.

Once the hand spankings were done, Lady "D" had the girls spank each other with a small paddle. Lady "D" needed to admonish Jessica to hit Brandi harder with the paddle. Conversely, Brandi needed no such encouragement. Each blow of the paddle struck Jessica's bottom hard and true.

At this point, it was the end of amateur hour. Lady "D" decided that she must apply her unique talent for the creative use of corporal punishment to emphasize the need for greater cooperation among the two major stars of Films stable of performers.

She made the two naked stars of video and the Internet assume a push-up position... only with their bottoms thrust upwards. Soon Jessica and Brandi felt the wrath of the best spanker in video erotica. Utilizing the famous strap-paddle, Our Lady of intense and lasting pain (I actually went to that Catholic School.) beat Jessica and Brandi's bottoms until they were bright red. Both agreed to cooperate in the future.

Scene II: The Phone Bill 2

As this chapter opens we find Jessica and Brandi engaged in an acrimonious conflict over the phone bill once again. Just as it seemed that the girls were about to come to blows, (A catfight? Hey Mr. "M", a new line of videos.) in walked Lady "D". Lady "D" stared at her young charges in disbelief. She reminded them of the consequences that befell them when last they engaged in this inappropriate behavior. Soon, Jessica found her pants and panties lowered to the ground and then was made to climb aboard the punishment express that is Lady "D's lap. Soon the conflict with Brandi was forgotten as surviving her ordeal took precedence.

Next Brandi was spanked within an inch of her life. In the end both girls agreed that from now on they would resolve their problems amicably. As the scene closed Brandi and Jessica hugged.

Scene III: If you get in trouble together, you get punished together

In this scene it seems as if our terrible teens have learned to cooperate. Unfortunately, this collaboration had a great deal to do with mischief making. So now Jessica and Brandi must pay for their bad behavior at the hands of Lady "D". Hey, at least the girls were able to work out that phone bill thing. Our heroines were led into the living room and instructed to lower their jeans and panties. Then they were required to bend over a leather ottoman...lying side by side. The spankings were delivered hard and fast. Special care was used in the creation of this scene to capture both the reddening of Jessica and Brandi's naked bottoms and the distress on their lovely faces. Both Brandi and Jessica give great face.

Scene IV: Punished for Drinking

In this chapter or our story, Trish and Jill join Jessica and Brandi. This story should be especially enjoyable for those of you who are spanking and redhead fetishists. (There is such a thing you know.) Both Jessica and Trish are freckled and in possession of beautiful red tresses.

As the scene opens the four girls are sitting around enjoying each other company. The trouble starts when Trish pulls out a bottle of some sort of alcoholic beverage and shares it with her friends. You know you really have to watch those catholic schoolgirls.

Of course, Lady "D" arrives and smells the alcohol on the breath of the four intoxicated teens. She then decided that she would require assistance in order to give these four naughty, but terminally cute girls the lesson that they have earned for this serious offense. Lady "D" obtained the services of Mr. "M' to help with the task at hand. Lady "D" and the man called "M" set up hard back wooden chairs directly next to one another. What they were doing was setting up an efficient assembly line of spanking. The girls were made to bare this bottoms and line up in front of the Mistress of mayhem. First, Jill went over he knee of Lady "D". Then after many hard whacks across her bare bottom she moved over to the next spanking station and was spanked by Mr. "M". As Jill's bottom was being warmed by Mr. "M", Brandi had taken her place over the lap of Lady "D". After "M" finished with Jill, Brandi moved over and took her place while Jessica assumed her position at Lady "D's station of pain. Are you getting this? You really should write this down.

After Jill, Brandi and the redheads made their way though the assembly line of sorrow, it was now time to discover who brought the booze onto the premises in the first place. After much dissembling, Trish finally admitted that it was she who had done the deed. Trish was then received a very harsh strapping. Lady "D" was swinging for the rafters with each blow. How Trish didn't collapse I'll never know.

Scene V: Bratty in the Chart Room

This scene is a bit of misdirection. It gave no hint of the disaster that was to befall our girls in the following chapter of this terrific video. As this part of the production opens we see Jessica, with her best Princess Leia hairdo, and Brandi talking to an off screen Lady "D". It seems that our Jessica and Brandi had engaged in a bit of mischief in the chatroom and were disrespectful towards one another in front of their legion of fans. To resolve this conflict between the two major stars of Films and online outlets, Lady "D" once again instructed the two professional brats to spank one another. " Oh goody", Jessica relied to this instruction. First it was Brandi's turn to go over the petite redhead's lap. Jessica did her best, but she did little damage to her larger peer. Soon it was little Jessica's turn to be spanked by her compatriot in mischief. Our little redheaded, freckle faced refugee from the Broadway musical " Annie" was shocked when Brandi made her strip naked for her trip across her knee. I'm telling you that Brandi is a dominant-in- training. When Brandi was finished with Jessica, her bottom was very red. Something like the sun while it is low in the sky, as it "comes out tomorrow". (Another Annie Reference)

Scene VI: Punished for Real Infractions

This scene is so intense that it should come with a warning label. After the fun and games of the previous scene were over, Lady "D" informed her young charges that their workday was not yet over. She told them that they were going to be punished for real offences that the girls had recently committed. Both of these young women looked concerned. Jessica was to be chastised for her bad behavior while on spring break, while Brandi was to be punished for a serious infraction that she didn't want discussed on camera.

These punishments were to be carried out by Mr. "M". Lady "D" informed the terrible teens that they were going to be punished naked. This increased the alarm that both Jessica and Brandi already felt over their impending chastisement. Brandi was the first to feel the wrath of "M". (Wrath of "M"...Hmm, perhaps that could be the title of the next Films production. Maybe not.) Brandi was made to kneel on two chairs that were positioned back to back. Her hands were placed on the chair in front and her knees on the back. Her bottom was thrust upward by the backrests of the two assembled chairs. Mr. "M" spanked Brandi hard and fast with a small paddle. It wasn't long before Brandi was crying under the weight of her severe punishment. The tears were both from the pain that she that was enduring and the remorse she felt over her recent actions. By the time Brandi's chastisement was over she was sobbing uncontrollably.

Next it was Jessica's turn to pay for her bad behavior. Blow after rapid blow of the paddle struck the young redhead's bottom with great force. Soon she too was sobbing. In discussing the intensity of this scene with Lady "D" recently, she told me that both Jessica and Brandi left the Studios very unhappy and remorseful that day.

This is another in a line of very successful productions for the company known as Films. "Jessica and Brandi: Punished together" is entertaining and highly erotic. This is a must see for all fans of spanking video erotica. With another successful production under their belt, the revolution that is Film continues. This revolution may not be televised, but it is available on videotape.

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