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Jessica's Cheerleader Punishments

Directed, Produced and Written: by Lady "D", Mr. "M" and Miss "J"
Staring: Jessica
Lady "D"
Mr. "M"
Guest Staring: Katie
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster

It is very unusual in the spanking film genre to fall upon something that is truly unique, but that is exactly how I would have to characterize Films. They are perhaps the premiere producers of spanking videos today. This video is a prime example of the kind of work they do. The women are young, pretty, and have some of the finest bottoms in the business. This piece centers on one of their established players, "Teen Jessica", however, we also get to see another pretty girl, Katie, punished in several scenes. There are seven main scenes and 1 bonus scene in this video and I shall detail them below:

Scene I: Jessica and Katie are caught making out and receive severe punishment for the offense. This is a very hard hand spanking administered to both bare bottoms.

Scene II: Jessica and Katie are once again forced to submit to corporal punishment, but this one has a twist to it. The head mistress decides to have a spanking contest between the two girls in three rounds. After each girl has spanked the other by hand. In each round, the mistress determines who administered the hardest spanking. The one who gave the weakest spanking is declared the loser and is punished by three very hard strokes of a leather strap from the mistress.

Scene III: Jessica and Katie are punished in the Dean's office. Jessica receives many strokes with a leather strap across her outstretched hands, and Katie receives strokes of the leather strap on her bare bottom.

Scene IV: Jessica is punished in the office for further infractions, She receives many strokes with the hand, and many more with a leather strap. She is bawling halfway into the strapping and is left bruised and welted. This scene alone is worth the price of the video.

Scene V: Sent to the office again, Jessica receives 10 very hard strokes of the wooden school paddle on her jeans.

Scene VI: Punished for skipping school and underage drinking.

Jessica gets a very hard and long (over 100 swats) hand spanking, followed by a hard paddling with the school paddle on her bare bottom. By the fifth stroke of the paddle she is weeping uncontrollably, and is sporting a swollen rear end and welts from this extreme paddling. And in Scene VII which is the bonus scene we get to see Jessica receive a very long and hard spanking right out of the shower on her wet, bare bottom. This is done in a very interesting way because we get to see the entire scene through the reverse view if a mirror. Almost like "Alice through the looking glass" I absolutely loved this video. I am really enamored of the work that Films does. The video quality is excellent. The camera angles, close-ups, and other views are nearly perfect. The locations not only appear real, but they are real. The scenarios are true to life, and you can picture yourself as a bystander being in the room and having the pleasure of witnessing these severe punishments. I give this film, and I will call it a film, my highest recommendation. On the Spank-O-Meter I give this video a 10 out of 10 (and as you know, I don't do that very often).


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