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Jessie's Bad Day

Starring: Jessie
time: 28 minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted on 10/8/10

None too imaginative, and filmed in a motel room, but it contained some eroticism worth a few keystrokes. Jessica wears a cheerleader's outfit (a good start!); there is no dialogue, just an annoying musical overlay. Slient-movie screen text suffices.

Jessica is taken OTK by a faceless, voiceless male (very much in hotel-room porn tradition) for staying out late. She is cute to see, blond ringlets, and a nifty bottom, her white panties are soon down. The spanker is letting his fingers linger between her legs. Jessica kneels up on the bed for a bare-bottom session with a doubled strap, only moderate, but she provides the scenery and some sensuous rubbing.

No hotel porn works without a bathroom scene. Jessica is not feeling so well, so our supervisor is going to take her temperature, the old fashioned way. She drops her cheerleader skirt, bends over the toilet, and there follows a slow process of vaseline lubrication and digital thermometer insertion, one of the best-filmed we have seen, despite the budget here.

Of course she was faking and goes OTK again. Some wonderful shots of tears streaming down her red fsace as her bottom takes on the same hue.

She is made to stand naked, cornered, in the shower. The camera films her red bottom from below. It turns out her antagonist is none other than her mother's boyfriend--now there's a definition of "pervert."

And the last scene--Jessie is made to strip naked. She has huge table-dancing boobs. She must lie over a table, squashing her chest, for a session with an odd-shaped stiff black leather strap, not found in any adult toy catalogue we have seen. More tears, lots of sexy miserable face. Enough.

Initial Review by: Warren Holden

Jessie is an 18 year old cheerleader who has been misbehaving. She has been staying out late at night past her mother's curfew, and last night she didn't come home at all. Her mother is so fed up she has told Jessie that she is going to get a spanking. Jessie thinks she is too old to be spanked. Her Mother decides to teach her a real lesson and invites her boyfriend over to do the spanking. He is more than glad to help out. He gets down to business immediately. He puts her right over his knee and begins. After he has warmed her up by hand and strap, he takes her into the bathroom, and to further humiliate her takes her temperature with a rectal thermometer. Then he sits on the toilet seat and begins to spank her again. She is very quickly reduced to tears . But remember, her Mother has asked him to do a really good job and teach her a lesson she will never forget, and so it continues. Her ass is bright red and you can see the hand prints clearly. Then she is told to put her nose in the corner and leave her skirt off so her bright red bottom is displayed. She turns around but her Mother says sternly "keep your nose in the corner young lady!" and she does, all the time rubbing her well spanked bottom.

Jessie thought that was the end of her punishment but Jessie was wrong!. "Off with your clothes young lady!" her Mother barks, and says to her boyfriend "I will fetch the strap for you". Now it's completely nude and bent over a table for the strapping of her young life. She is soon dancing from the pain, and the tears are flowing again. I doubt she will ever disobey her Mother again. Once again Ohh Tee Kay has made a video with impeccable production values. This video is clear as a bell from start to finish, and this includes both video and audio. The action is very good and the tears are real.

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