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Joanne's Climactic Whipping

Nu West FCV-063
28 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 5/30/08

Ed Lee with Joanne, one of his statuesque all-purpose models, and she certainly displays her versatility in this exercise. She's strung up in the studio, very naked ("very" because Joanne essentially generates her own light and heat), except for stockings and high heels. Her legs are far apart, because that will be important here.

Lee fondles her, having wet his fingertips, and a floor-placed camera provides the detail. He's wearing a smarmy robe and is in his graying ponytail period. He prowls with his dogwhip, and Joanne tries to keep track of him, in anticipation of the attack. There is no dialogue. He steps back, snaps off 4 or 5 healthy lashes across her lovely muscular bottom, then moves in for more frigging. Joanne twists and gasps appropriately. Excellent views of Lee's probing fingers. Joanne responds nicely, to both the pain of the whip in sets of whippings and the fingers. Lee opens his robe to give her a probe of his own, but we are spared the detail.

Toward the end, Joanne receives a nice visit from the Nu West dildo. She's sweet throughout, and clearly a handful for anyone, best kept strung up by her wrists.

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