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Joanne's Hard Whipping

29 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 12/5/08

Nu West's Ed Lee made a series of these "Hard Whippings." In the pale blue studio the black wooden whipping stand awaits. Lee arrives with the glamorous, statuesque and inventive Joanne. "Take all your clothes off and put your shoes back on."

We observe from an overhead camera as Joanne undresses; unfortunately the view is too far away and has the feel of a convenience store surveillance tape, so we can't detect the siezmic tremors Joanne throws off as she strips; she disrobes as casually as if she were changing into gardening clothes, except she gets naked here. She walks to the whipping stand just in heels, her pubic patch winking at us, her face obscured by long flowing blonde hair. Intensely erotic.

Lee noisily chains her wrists and ankles. The device spreads her ankles and keeps her erect with a gentle bend at the waist for outstretched arms. Not a word is spoken between them, although Lee needles away, tells her she can expect "pain and pleasure." He fondles her bottom, dramatically prepared for the forthcoming proceedings.

Lee starts in with his dogwhip, a loud and precise instrument. No one's attention wanders in this class! He alternates in sets, to her bottom and her back, separated by fondling and frigging episodes which make her squeal. In nine sets he whips her bottom about 100 times--the last 3 sets of 15 or 20 would have driven her across the room were she not fastened down. He intersperses about 20 cracks to her pale muscular back. His last fondle finds her wet between the legs. Little wonder. "Your whipping is over."

In scene II, Joanne is still nude and attached to the "X" cross. Lee circles in his WalMart chanille bathrobe. He taunts: "Joanne's gonna get a whipping." She is pale and unmarked, time having elapsed between the episodes. Same steady, relentless whipping, with a concluding volley of 25 fast strokes. She would climb the wall if she could. Very sexy for us.

Scene III: Poor naked Joanne stands submissive on a small platform with a low T-bar in front of her. she holds a trapeze bar above her, stretching her magnificent body. This time she wears just white stockings,a garter belt, and white heels--more than naked in a classic burlesque sense. Lee whips her back and bottom in this posture.

She is directed to bend and grab the T-bar, legs apart. Her long hair dangles. Wonderfully productive device, this T-bar is. Cameras from overhead and rear observe a terrific whipping onher glorious rump. A rousing frigging, 13 fast whip-in's and Joanne is finished.

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