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M/F F/F reviewed by the webmaster

This is a little bit of an unusual take on punishment. Here 2 Nu-West models are punished by receiving first and over the knee spanking and then have their pubic hair shaved. The idea is that where the itching from a saving can go on for weeks, this is a form of punishement that will remind the girl of her bad deed for a long time. The first girl to receive the punishment is Jody, a pretty blonde. She is spanked over the jeans, first by Ed Lee and then by Vanna. She is then made to pull her jeans and thong down and is spanked on the bare bottom. Not a long session, but they deliver some hard blows. Jody then completely removes her pants and thong and lies down on a table, keeping her white top on. Vanna then uses the clippers as well as shaving cream and a razor to remove every last piece of pubic hair. Alot of close ups and explicit shots. The 2nd scene is Katie. She is a popular Nu-West model, who is a very cute blonde. She is wearing a white with print dress and, like Jodi, is first Spanked over her clothes by Ed and then Vanna. She then has her white panties pulled down for a round of bare bottom spanking by both Ed and Vanna. Again, not a long session, but some hard smacks. Same deal for Katie, she removes her panties completely and lies down on the table. All of her pubic hair is shaved off and like the first scene, alot of close ups and explicit shots. This is an interesting tape that will no doubt appeal to many. The video is 30 minutes in length.

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