Josies Secretaries Caught and Caned
Guest Review by an anonymous reader posted 1/2/09

Now I don't know about you, but to me, there's something very sexy about a slightly older, more voluptous woman being spanked. I agree there's not much wrong with seeing the 20 something girls being punished but I prefer the older woman. And if she's confident one minute because she's spanking her junior assistant and then a snivelling wretch the next when the tables are turned, then so much the better.

This tale features, as you might imagine a lady called Josie who runs a company supplying spanking videos. Unfortunately, there is a problem with supplying one to a Mr Carter. It seems that the new secretary, a rather scrumptious blonde called Emma has "screwed up". (Emma features in quite a few spanking videos especially on the SIT spanking site. My favourite is where she plays the part of a woman visiting her lawyer about a pending divorce.) The supervising secretary, who is in charge in Josie's absence at a meeting is the equally delectable Sharon.

Now Sharon is a 30 something curvy lady with red hair. She's wearing a sleeveless black transparent top through which you can see her black bra. It's V necked at the front so we get a nice glimpse of plenty of cleavage. She's also wearing a shortish, tight black skirt which is about 4 inches above her knee. And she's either wearing what looks like black seamed stockings. I found myself aroused just watching her admonish poor young Emma.

Very soon Sharon has Emma across her knee for a good old-fashioned spanking followed by the strap. But wait, who should make an entrance but Mr Carter. He's a grandfather type who has featured in many spanking videos. Probably the best known is "Royal Flush" from Strictly English.

This is one of my top 3 spanking videos ever and features the ravishing blonde Rebekah Jordan. While the grandfather is playing late-night cards with some friends, REbecca comes home far too late. Wearing a strapless pink "boob-tube" and micro denim skirt, she's dragged protesting over his lap. Skirt is soon pulled up, incredibly sexy pink see-through panties are pulled down and she's given a severe spanking which leaves her sobbing.

Anyway, back to this movie. Sharon sits down on a chair and crosses one sexy leg over the other as "grandad" makes his entrance.

"who is this?", she snootily enquires.

Angrily, he soon informs her that he is Mr Carter and that the package on the desk was promised to him by Josie a week ago. Sharon sheepishly looks down and says, "I'm sorry sir, I should have posted it".

He threatens to ring Josie which will probably result in Sharon being sacked.

"Please don't do that sir", she pleads.

"Ok", he says, "But what you need is a good thrashing my girl".

Sharon looks horrified. Surely that's what you give to young girls. In fact that was what she had administered to Emma a few minutes ago. Surely he didn't mean to spank her. What with her being married and surely not in front of Emma?? But that's exactly what happened. Face down across his knee, flushing with embarassment. Her skirt rising a tantalising couple of inches so we see the taut fastener of her suspender belt attached to sheer black seamed stockings. The spanking begins and we get a lot of "oh", "no". Pretty soon her skirt is hoiked up and she's wearing full red silk panties and her cheeks wobble with each spank. Suddenly and without ceremony, her panties are yanked down to her knees and the spanking continues on her magnificent rear.

Emma then has to take her place and she too receives pretty much the same. And then both girls, in turn, are then strapped, paddled and finally caned. And at the end they both look extremely sorry for themselves.


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