Spanking JP


Gallery 13

Starring: Harukar
Running Time: 30 Mins
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

This is one of those reviews that I had to battle back and forth as to what category it actually fit into. Meaning, is this a video review or a website review? The titles available at Spanking-JP are only available through download and they do not offer DVD or video tapes. However, since you have to purchase each title separately, I figured this would fit more in the review cagetory. This was the first time I had downloaded a video from Spanking JP, and was not exactly sure what to expect. I chose "Gallery 13" since at the time of download it was the newest addition. After you pay for your selection, you are able to download the video to your hard drive via roughly 8 clips. Each clip is a high resolution WMV file that plays smoothly and clearly. As an added bonus, you also get a photo gallery of 80 photos to enjoy. Access to the video and the photos are grated for around ten days. I forget if it was 10 or 14, but you have enough time to download your clips and photos so it doesn't have to be done all at once if you don't want to. This presentation begins with our young trouble maker (I assume she's in trouble) facing the wall wearing pants and a white shirt. There is little dialogue thoughout the clips, but since it would be in Japanese anyway, I suppose that really doesn't matter much. Also, you never see Harukar's face, as these are said to be amateur models this company is using and they wished to keep their faces hidden. The punisher enters the room and gives Harukar a few swats with a paddle while she faces the wall. There is a pause while the camera pans in and out to give you various views of this young woman's bottom and body. The paddle lady then approaches and unbutton's Harukar's pants and pulls then down exposing her white cotton panties. She is given a few rounds with the paddle on her panty clad behind complimented by several shrieks. As one might guess, the punisher pulls down Harukar's panties to expose her bare Japanese buns. This section ends with Harukar rubbing her behind. The swats left her bottom red, but not so red that she wouldn't continue the session.

The next part finds Harukar kneeling on a large office type chair facing the back. Punishment woman arrives and makes her lean on the back part of the chair while she pulls down her pants and underwear. She then begins to sternly slap her exposed buttocks with her hand. It doesn't take long for Harukar to start whimpering and sit on the back of her heels. No matter, punishment woman slaps whatever is exposed before leaving Harukar to her sorrows.

Part 3 finds Harukar in a similar situation, except she is now kneeling over a bed. Her pants are off and panties are down, so when punishment woman arrives, there isn't any clothes to mess around with. She continues where she left off from the previous scene and spanks her bottom sternly for a minute or two. It should be noted, that there are several different scenes, but many are only 2 or 3 minutes long.

Part 3 is just over 3 minutes long and has Harukar over the punishment lady's knee while she lays flat across the bed. The hand is still the weapon of choice and the punisher continues to lay it on. The next clip shows the same type of position, but from a different angle. The hand spanking continues with a small hand paddle coming into use at the end. After this, we give Harukar her pants and underwear back so she can kneel on a pillow and bend over the bed. The attacker spanks on her pants, over her panties, and then on the bare bottom. This clip is almost 2 1/2 minutes and features only hand spanking. The second to last clip has Harukar being spanked over the knee while the assailant sits on the floor. Kind of an interesting position if you ask me. Same motif as last clip, hand spanking over the pants, panties, and bare bottom with the small hand paddle coming out at the end. This clip is over 5 minutes in length. The last clip has Harukar in the same standing position that she was in the first clip. The pants and panties come down immediately and she is given several hard swats with a holed paddle. This clips is just over 2 minutes and wraps up this particular presentation.

Well, this certainly was an interesting presentation. Japanese and Asian spanking seems to be more and more of an interest every day. Add that to a growing interest in downloadable DVD quality videos and this is a pretty good match. There are a few things that might bother people. One is the break up of clips. Each clip seems to be a separate punishment, possibly held after a break in the action. It lacks continuity and the spankings are somewhat random. There is no story or plot line other than this girl keeps getting short spankings on the same day. To some this might not be a problem, especially if you are one of those that fast forward to the spanking parts anyway. I believe the fact this is an amateur production has a lot to do with the lack of a story line. If the girl getting the spanking doesn't want to speak lines or show her face, then you have a little bit of a problem. Plus, the spankings are not all that severe. This might not appeal to our readers that enjoy a good thrashing. However, for 9 US dollars, this isn't a bad deal. She's got a cute bottom and the quality of the clips made it worth while for me. Can't say if I'd buy another one, but at least I don't feel as though I wasted my money on this particular presentation.

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