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Jennifer's Punishments

Written, Directed and Produced by: Mr. M and Miss J
Starring: Jennifer
Lady D
Mr. M
Review by: David Pierson

With " Jennifer's Punishments" the creative team at Films has another hit on their hands. At the hits just seem to keep on coming; usually across the bare bottom of a very naughty girl. " Jennifer's Punishments" is a worthy follow up to " Road trip", Film's revolutionary initial feature. " Jennifer's Punishments" is an amazing achievement in spanking video erotica. This video features several severe spanking sessions, amazing production values and terrific performances from both dominant and submissive performers.

This production is one of the best examples of domination and aggressive submission ever filmed. What you will see captured in this video is exceedingly rare and special. Allow me to explain. Looking at Jennifer, one would never guess that this eighteen-year-old is a world class submissive. She is a very cute young woman with an athletic body. Her short hair and demeanor give her a certain tomboy look. (I hate that term) The basic premise of this production is that young Jennifer is feeling guilty for some transgressions that she's made in her life and she's hoping that sessions of intense corporal punishment would alleviate her suffering. I guess you can say that Jennifer had enrolled in the RS Institute's Outpatient Program. Outside of the videos basic premise there is another form of drama occurring here. Mr. M (just M to his closest friends) has told me that he had never experienced anyone with the pain threshold that young Jennifer possessed. Let me say that Mr. M and Lady D are both extraordinary dominants. Both are highly skilled in the spanking arts. The subtext of this production is the struggle for dominance between the dominant performers (Lady D and Mr. M.) and Jennifer. Lady D and Mr. M from the dominant or top position and Jennifer from the submissive or bottom position. The youthful Jennifer was practicing a technique known in power exchange circles as toping from below. Jennifer's ability to tolerate an amazing amount of discomfort allowed her to control much of the action and exasperate the dominant performers for much of the production. It is an amazing contest to watch.

Scene I:
We are informed that young Jennifer has come to the RS Institute to expunge the guilt that she feels for having stolen fifty dollars from her mother's purse. As the segment opens, we find Jennifer over the knee of Lady D . In my opinion, Lady D is the best spanker in the business. She spanks very hard and fast. Very few of her victims can withstand the punishment that she dishes out for long. Usually the young ladies who are on the receiving end are crying for mercy within seconds. This was not the case with Jennifer. Lady D began Jennifer's chastisement with a hard hand spanking over her panties. Despite the intensity of the punishment Jennifer just held on for dear life and did not break. Despite the obvious pain on her face she would not cry out for mercy or plead for forgiveness. Perplexed, our domme extraordinaire made Jennifer remove all of her clothing. Perhaps the humiliation of being totally naked would lessen Jennifer's reserve. Jennifer was then made to return to her position across Lady D's lap. Another dose of intense hand spanking still did not produce the desired result. Soon, the still naked Jennifer, found herself bent over with her hands placed on a bench while Lady spanked her bottom to a crimson red with a nasty looking leather paddle. This made the young submissive grown from the pain, but no pleas for mercy. Next, the naked young woman was made to lay across a bed with two pillows under her belly, thrusting her bottom in an upward and vulnerable position. This scene is extremely erotic. In this position, Jennifer absorbed a very hard hand spanking, a strapping and a hard hairbrush chastisement. Her bottom was reddened, but Jennifer was unbowed. She weathered the storm that is known as Lady D.

Scene II:
This time we are informed that young Jennifer has done something so despicable that she requires an even more intense punishment session to assuage the guilt that she feels. Now it is Mr. M turn to face the challenge named Jennifer. He starts off Jennifer's chastisement with a hard bare bottom hand spanking, Once again, despite being in obvious pain; this aggressive young submissive refused to surrender control to her dominant. After a hand spanking that left her bottom very red, Jennifer was given a strapping with Mr. M's belt. This strapping left significant welts on Jennifer's adorable bottom and yet she had yet to fully surrender. Now, Mr. M pulled out two very nasty looking wooden paddles. The first one was a long thin implement of punishment. When Mr. M applied this paddle to Jennifer's already punished bare bottom, he was swinging for the bleacher seats. (baseball term..sorry) After twenty swats with the thin wooden implement, Mr. D switched to a thick paddle with holes. Several more swats were applied to her bruised bottom.

Scene III:
As scene three opens we are informed that Jennifer has reported for punishment to deal with the guilt of an undisclosed infraction of good behavior. Once again, young Jennifer was to face the wrath of Mr. M . The punishment that she would face in this segment of this production was to be truly fearsome. Spread out on a table were a series of small paddles. The paddles were applied to her naked bottom. Jennifer cried out in pain from the beginning of this session and yet she did not plead for mercy or apologize for her infraction. Despite the obvious pain that she was suffering it was also clear that Jennifer was deriving pleasure as well. In her position over Mr. M's knee, Jennifer's charms were on full display. As she was absorbing an intense punishment from Mr. M. one couldn't help but notice the glistening moisture that was clearly emanating from her shaved vagina. This time Jennifer cried in pain and yet refused to surrender. " You're wearing out my arm young lady", said an exasperated M.

Scene IV:
This time the RS team had a plan. Many of you may not know this, but a warm up hand spanking is really an act of mercy before one applies any sort of implelement to the bare bottom of a naughty girl. It was decided that there would be no warm up before Jennifer's fourth session. Upon arriving for her session, Jennifer was made to remove all of her clothing prior to entering the room of punishment. She was made to sit naked while awaiting her fate. Once in the room she once again faced off with Mr. M . This time she was made to bend over with her hands placed firmly on the fireplace. Her fourth chastisement initiated with several strokes of the tawse to her cold, naked bottom. Her bottom wasn't cold for long. She jumped the second the tawse struck. After several strokes of the tawse Jennifer's bottom was treated to a taste of a strap-paddle. It was apparent from the beginning of this session that Jennifer was struggling to maintain her composure. After receiving several blows of this nasty implenent, Jennifer was pulled across Mr. M's knee. When in this position, Jennifer's bottom was punished severely with a paddle that resembled a wooden hairbrush without the bristles. The audience is given a real treat during the over the knee phase of the punishment. With the camera focused directly of her bottom we are treated to a lovely view of her exposed vagina and anus. After completing the OTK punishment, Jennifer was made to bend over and a hard wooden paddle was applied to her excoriated bottom. Finally, Jennifer began to cry out and express her remorse.

" Jennifer's Punishment's" is a very special example of spanking video erotica. You can enjoy this video in many ways. First of all, Jennifer is just too cute for words and her punishments are compelling when taken in a straightforward manner. However, when this video is experienced in its entirety, the viewer is treated to one of the most unique of video erotic experiences; a submissive performer topping from below. This is an experience rarely captured on tape.

When released their first production I called " Road Trip" a revolution in spanking video erotica. With " Jennifer's Punishments" the revolution continues. This revolution may not be televised, but it is available on videotape.


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