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Punishing Jennifer II

Written, Directed and Produced by: Mr. M, Miss J and Lady D
Starring: Jennifer
Lady D
Mr. M
Review by: Fred and Patty

A Couple's review
June 2003

Fred's take:
My wife ordered this video based on the advance sales promotion of the maker, Films, and her appreciation for the first video, 'Jennifer's Punishments'. Can't say what her expectations were, but after viewing this one for the first time, she pouted. Said she thought it was going to be harder. Not knowing my wife the way that I do, you might think that says something negative about this film. If that's your impression, I must tell you that you're wrong. She likes the video. In fact, she's watched it several times. So have I.

Four scenes are set up for us.

First one is a damned hard paddling over jeans. Mr. "M" does something only an experienced spanker would know to do. He stops and gives the brat a rest. A hefty paddling will make a brat's butt numb. I like the trouble she has sitting while she waits for her punishment to resume. The finish of scene one has the brat pulling her own pants down and checking out her butt. She's pinked up some, not too marked; panty lines cut the pink though. Very appealing! The production made about sitting down after it all is a nice touch.

Two schoolgirl stories come next. Outfits are cute, but the bare backside is cuter. The story is not the strength here. The spanking is. If you want a convincing story about a student taken to the principal by a nasty dorm matron, this won't do it for you. Fast forward to the action, you won't be disappointed. This dorm matron might do with her own spanking though. Seems she has more attitude than her student.

I had to ignore the disclaimer at the start of the tape, and try out this first office scene with my brat. Since she didn't seem to think the spanking here was as hard as was advertised. Funny, how she changed her tune after the first few licks with the heavy leather strap. Just could not get a paddle to break here though. Did give it a 'good shot.' (Wicked Evil Grin.) In this one Jennifer gets a right sturdy whipping with a strap, and then gets an OTK paddling that would terrify the worst brat. First paddle breaks after a while, under a good sturdy swat. The second paddle is not going to break as Mr. "M" picked up an even harder wooden implement. Damn, if Jennifer doesn't try to hold out for all she's worth. It is tempting to confess here that if my submissive was that defiant, I swear that I would do what was necessary to break her. I got the sense that Mr. "M" was experiencing the similar thoughts. I commend him for knowing when to stop. As it is, Jennifer's very appealing little butt ends up with that raw, red-speckled, pearly look that only comes when the surface layer of skin is stripped. My lovely wife will tell you that is the result of a very serious spanking indeed.

A good sound old-fashioned school paddling is next. Probably not the kind that ever really happened, but if you were like me, the kind you wished on more than a few high schoolgirls in your time. Or maybe, the kind you wished you could deliver? Jennifer is one tough kid! Mr. "M" makes a break through this time though, when she almost counts six on stroke number five.

The last scene will do it for almost every taste. Teen Jennifer is finally topped. In video #1 of the series it seemed as if young Jennifer had been tamed. From our experiences here in video #2 it is clear that her training is still in process. There's a sense that Mr. "M" has made it a mission to get through her resistance, and he has to push past his own socialization and reluctance to do it. I can tell you I have been there. My lovely wife can be a tough nut to crack. She occasionally gets it in her head she will not cry no matter how much she wants, or needs to while being punished. Jennifer holds out through one hell of a major league spanking in this one. The sobs at the end tug at ones heart some, if you consider the price of those well-earned tears.

I like the knees on chair, hands on floor position, and the time in the corner, feet up weight on elbows idea. Might just have to use that one here sometime down the road.

Jennifer has a very spankable little butt that has a healthy athletic jiggle to it when spanked. She has my wife's little gymnast body too, which is always a plus in my book. The peeks the viewer gets of her other 'charms' isn't a bad deal either.
My thoughts

Patty's take:

I let Fred go first, because he never really tells me what he thinks about stuff like this, and I wanted to get a gage for his perceptions. We practice domestic discipline, but we also really like spanking for its erotic potential. When I'm in the mood, I like a very hard spanking for its pure sexual benefit. I also fantasize about being disciplined by an uncompromising man. I married one, but that does not stop me from appreciating all the others out there. Mr. M. could float my boat in that department.

Yes I was a little disappointed when I first saw this video. Well, heck! It was described as having the most severe paddling ever filmed. That's a tall order. Especially for a woman who is spanked hard in real life, and even more so if you've already seen the 'feature' scenario through your membership with the parent site. The four spankings in this video are definitely more than moderate. The first is hard the last three are progressive grades of severe. If there was a rating scale for severity, 0 being love taps that barely pink the butt, and 10 being brutal, breaking skin and leaving severe bruising, I would put two of the scenes in this tape at about an 8.

I have to agree with my husband's take on the acting. If that kind of thing bothers you, you can easily fast forward through it without missing anything or loosing any quality in the experience. It doesn't amount to but 5 to 8 minutes total in an hour of tape. The spanking is well worth the price of the ticket. Well someday maybe there'll be a spanking video with Emmy or Oscar caliber acting and the spankings we really want to see. OK, that was probably not as funny for the makers as it is for me, so I'll get back to my job here.... Fred did such a good job of describing the scenes; I'm not sure what I can add...

What I find most interesting is that Jennifer is described as a Passive-Aggressive submissive. And it is reported that she responds to Mr. M. as her master or primary dominant? For a true passive aggressive sub, compliance or obedience is submission, and submission is humiliation. A passive aggressive sub fights dependency and will try to control her master. Hmmmmm, does that really explain what we see on the Jennifer videos, or is something else at work?

It is certainly interesting to watch the interaction on the tape from that perspective. It gives the relative lack of interaction a dimension that it might not have had otherwise. Jennifer's stoicism takes on new meaning, and the few spontaneous reactions her punisher does manage to spank out of her take on new significance. It is interesting how my husband picked this up on his own, when I had to have it pointed out to me?

My initial thoughts were that Jennifer is a very courageous but ultimately VERY shy girl who knows her kink and has found a way to indulge it. Being spanked is her thing, acting and the camera stuff is a secondary, if necessary evil. She sure does look uncomfortable when she knows there's a camera on her face.

Maybe the passive aggressive dynamic IS more interesting. It certainly makes you want to see more of these two in the future.

The first scene is OK, if paddled over jeans is one of your interests. I think maybe since the spanker was in jeans, he would have been more believable as an older brother or blue-collar dad, than a school principal, but again, the acting and story lines are not the strengths of this tape. I agree with Fred, the grimaces when Jennifer works on sitting are realistic and a nice touch. Been there done that, and now thanks to Jennifer and Real Spankings, I know that my Fred likes to see it. The next two scenarios are very ouchie looking. If Fred's experiment even approaches the action on the tape, they ARE as ouchie as they look!

When you watch the second scene, keep your eye on Jennifer's left butt cheek. After the third or fourth strap smack it starts looking like the skin on her left butt is swelling and thick. By the middle of the strapping each time her butt tightens in pain the left cheek becomes white and thick looking. It takes some serious spanks to make a butt swell and the skin seem to thicken the way Jennifer's did. The OTK spanking is intense, and Jennifer's level of animation steps up a notch too. She has trouble staying still, and even tries to get her hand in the way. A big step up on Mr. M's journey to top her.

The third scene is a nice, pure, get down to business spanking. Jennifer should have had her pants pulled down right off the bat, but since she didn't, I got a good laugh. Because my husband decided that 'butinsky' Lady D. (the dorm matron) needs a spanking almost as much as the naughty student does. Not that that piece of info would add to your enjoyment of the tape, but here, Fred's commentary about Lady D's need for a spanking added to the experience for me. Perhaps that thought could go out to Mr."M" as he makes plans for future episodes. Spank the sassy dorm matron.

The last scene has all kinds of elements. Fred is right. It will satisfy lots of tastes. From my perspective, it really starts when Mr. M. puts Jennifer on the chair. I am thinking that the thick black strap with holes was a calculated addition to this whole scene. The fact that it is the implement that makes the first crack in the invincible Jennifer's stoicism is not lost on me either. I'll wager that it will be back in future RSV productions. (It was used with great effectiveness in 'Southern Strappings' -Ed)

Jennifer's submission is 'finally' accomplished with the last three implements, the Vermont Country Store bath brush and then two paddles. I don't know about those paddles, they sure are awful looking, but I know that the bath brush is horrific! In any event this is the spanking that finally makes Jennifer cry. It's not full-blown bawling tears, but sad hiccupping sobs that she seems to fight to hide. The kid just looked like she needed a hug.

If Jennifer is responding to Mr. M. as her dominant/master, then maybe, eventually, we can look forward to the time when she will be able to let go for him down the road. I for one will keep buying their videos in that hope.

Both of us give this video thumbs up. Overall we give it a score of 9 for spanking action, 5 for acting, 10 for image quality, and maybe 8 for editing and flow. Mr. M. you've just got to ease up on the pacing in front of the camera. You have a nice butt, but unless you take those pants off, I'd rather not see it blocking the scene. J Not a biggy, just a nit.

Thank you Mr. Pierson for inviting us to join your team.

Commentary from David Pierson: We are so very happy to have Fred and Patty on our team. I think that their perspective as a couple who incorporates corporal punishment into their lifestyle provides us with many unique insights. (I have never done a review with my lovely submissive. She likes to write her dirty little tales.) We have all enjoyed Patty's artwork. Now we get to enjoy Patty and Fred's work in a whole new way.

For me, the drama of 'Jennifer Punishment II' exists in the relationship between Mr. "M" as dominant and Jennifer as submissive in training. As the video progressed you could feel Jennifer's will inexorably being broken through very intense corporal punishment. This is another outstanding effort from the leader of the new wave in spanking erotica.

We look forward to many more reviews from Fred and Patty. This was a lot of fun!



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