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Judicial Canings

Time: 46 minutes
1st Guest Review by MARS posted 8/8/08

This expert production tweaks the fantasies of our genre, including our personal favorites. An attractive blonde Meryl Streep lookalike, complete with studious glasses and hair in a bun Saturday-morning-at-home style, identified as Miss Sheron, receives an express letter telling her she has been summoned to the Justice Palace to be caned for some offense. Dialogue is in barely audible German, with no subtitles, but it never mattered less. The willowy Miss Sheron cleverly plays being shocked, freightened, and panicked. But we have no sympathy and can't help checking out the package she has in her jeans and blouse to imagine what she is going to look like when she has her appointment.

A friend stops by, an exotic Mediterranean-looking dark redhead, identified as Katty, is shown the summons, then proceeds to recount her own experience at the Palace, setting up a full flashback and giving us of course two spankings to watch in this video.

Sitting in Miss Sheron's little kitchen, Katty starts her flashback, and the scene expertly transitions: Katty reports timidly to a female doctor's office at the Palace. Exciting intimidation. The doctor is dour, in her white lab coat and medical equipment; canes are hanging in plain sight on the wall. Katty is directed to undress; she slowly hangs each garment on a clothes tree until she is nude. She sits naked for a blood pressure check, then is required to pee in a commode while we watch. She is lovely, every inch, and this is sweet humiliation.

She then climbs up and lays face down on a table, almost like a gas chamber gurney, with arms spread out at 90 degrees, except on this gurney her legs are spread wide, providing detailed views. Velcro attaches her arms, legs, and lower back. The doctor elevates her bottom--high, hard, firm, and open, with a carefully placed folded blanket. The doctor snaps on latex gloves with that fearful anticipation of what they might be needed for. She sensuously spreads oil on the brunette's bottom. We've been taught a caning is more painful on a wet bottom. Exquisite preparation. The girl waits in fear--glimpses of her apprehensive face, as the doctor picks up the phone to announce the girl is ready for the male disciplinarian. When will this spanking start, the bound girl's face says?

A white-smocked male enters, contemplates this startling sight of the naked brunette trapped on the table, bottom-up, in position. He takes a cane off a hook and measures his distance. He lays on the first 10 strokes--all the canings in this video are moderate in strength. The occasional angled strokes seem to match the pattern of marks, so we are not obsessed with determining the authenticity. It is very exciting to watch. The female doctor inspects after 10, then after 20 more strokes. Katty cries out with each stroke. She certainly seems to be getting aroused, from the intimate vantage point we have. Blood pressure check--sensuous unfastening and fastening--then another 10 strokes, a bottom check/fondle from the doctor, then another final 10. The male caner leaves; the doctor spreads on cold cream--torturously erotic, and the brunette's ordeal at the Justice Palace concludes.

Back to the present, the brunette wishes Mss Sheron luck and leaves. We eagerly anticipate her appointment. Next, we see her walking on eggshells into the doctor's grasp. She must first strip to the waist; we can admire her breasts and wait for more while she is given a chest exam. To increase the tension, she sits topless, jeans still in place, for blood pressure. Time to hand over the jeans and thong. Breathtaking lady, standing there in just her boots and glasses. She also must pee while we watch, and then hand over her glasses--total surrender. Up onto the gurney, strapped down, bottom elevated. Her bottom cheeks are further apart; her anus and labia are totally open; the camera zooms in to the point of blurriness. Another careful oiling, including the intimate exposed places. Ready.

Phone call to the caning doctor. Hard to imagine how he keeps his sanity, walking into such scenes. 10 strokes, check by female doctor, 10 more strokes, including some nasties on the thighs, blood pressure check, 10 more; Miss Sheron has begun to wiggle her bottom at this point and has been screeching after every stroke; 10 more after the final doctor check. Wonderful shots of her anguished face listening to the sound of the swishing cane. Another even more sensual spreading of cold cream.

A more horizontal camera angle detects that the red lines and marks we watched develop from above are in fact weals and welts. We are convinced Miss Sheron is not a happy camper. When she is released, she moves stiffly and painfully, gloriously naked, but subdued, back to her clothes, the way you would expect. She carefully puts on nifty white panties in lieu of her thong, a treat to see in itself. Highest praise we can muster for this production.

2nd Review
Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast Posted to Spreview on 8/22/08

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Fare dodger learns a valuable lesson

Victim Appeal:
The flick features two Czech models, Miss Sheron and Kitty Saliery aka Katty. At least one of them has a career in vanilla porn (I wonder what "Chew On My Spew #5" is all about...). But fret not, they are as yet unafflicted by the silicone epidemic which is crossing the Atlantic and threatening the Old World. Both have a neat and pretty girl next door look. I like Miss Sheron in particular, who is blonde, slender, wears glasses and has a most spankable bottom - in terms of visuals, there are no complaints from my affectionate inner sadist. Moreover, the acting isn't bad, either. Unlike many other pornstars turned spanking victims, they actually make an effort.

The story is set in a society where judicial corporal punishment is reintroduced as a measure against petty crime. It begins as one of the girls, played by Miss Sheron, receives a letter informing her that she has been sentenced for repeatedly sneaking rides on public transport. As an alternative to a prison term, she can choose a caning. Terrified, the young woman calls her friend who got caned for shoplifting six months earlier. While the two of them sit in the kitchen, the friend recounts her tale and we see a flashback of the ordeal. Afterwads, Miss Sheron decides to opt for the CP instead of prison and gets her own thrashing.

Gratuitous Sadism:
Before the punishment, each of the girls has her pulse and blood pressure examined by a (ridiculously young and cute) female doctor. Then they have to use the toilet and "empty themselves" so they don't urinate during the caning. Naturally, that takes place before the doctor's eyes, too. The tone is matter-of-fact and and rather polite, actually, but it is of course a humiliating experience. Finally, the victim is tied to a crossframe and an official administers the caning. At random intervals, the doctor yells "Stop!" and exmines a girl's marks or pulse before the thrashing continues. When it is all over, the stripes are treated with salve before the girl is allowed to get dressed and leave.

The canings are moderate in severity, neither too light nor very hard, but quite long. Katty gets 50 strokes and Miss Sheron receives 45. By the end, their bottoms are thoroughly covered with clear red lines and there is also a hint of bruising. Nothing vicious, but a proper punishment nonetheless.

Best Reactions:
Both girls show nice reactions, rather vocal and loud, but not irritatingly so. In addition to the screaming, Miss Sheron throws in a bit of desperate gasping and sobbing. But Katty is my choice here. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but there is just something about the sound of her screams and the way she sometimes lets out two or three in succession after a cane stroke. Her wide-eyed pained expression as she looks into the camera is also very satisfying.

Best Line:
There really isn't anything of note in the dialogue. The best I can think of is Miss Sheron's lame excuse for dodging the public transport fares: "I couldn't afford a ticket at the time." Yeah, we've heard that one before, haven't we? An extra ten strokes for lack of originality, please.

Nice Psychological Touch:
Like many other Pain4Fem titles, this one is very heavy on procedure - the letter informing the girl of her impeding chastisement, the medical checkups before and during the caning, the mandatory emptying of the bladder, and so on. Nothing really happens in terms of story, it's more like a training video on "How to Follow the Official CP Regulations". Some people will probably be bored, while others like me while find it quite captivating.

A few of the scenes are a bit overlong, but generally speaking, I like the dry documentary apporach and the almost clinical feel. It's a perfect portrayal of clean "civilised" corporal punishment in the modern age - even the caner is wearing a doctor's overall! There's a jarring contradiction between the brutal primordial nature of the beating and the various precautions surrounding it, like pulse checks and aftercare with salve. Arguably, such niceties only serve to make the punishment more sadistic, and the mad scientist in me is loving it.

Another contast that works well here is the one between the action in the sterile white CP room and the cozy kitchen scenes where the two girls sit and talk. Plus, I thought it was a good idea to show one caning as a "flashback" while the other is "still about to happen". This way, while you have two almost identical action scenes in succession, one of them disinctly feels like the main course.

How Good Is It Really?
I liked "Judicial Caning" a lot. The technical craftsmanship is good, the two models do a fine job and the thrashings are pretty solid. I love the setting most of all, the idea that someone receives a letter in the mail and then reports to the "Palace of Justice" for corporal punishment in these surroundings which are more reminiscent of a medical practice than a correctional facility. Interestingly, one of my own erotic fantasies that goes back to adolescence also involves CP for dodging fares - maybe because it's the one petty crime pretty much everyone commits at least once. So I'm happy to see this brought to the screen. One of my favourite Pain4Fem movies.

What You Learned:
There should be technical awards for spanking movies. You know, like the Academy Scientific and Technical Awards they give out annually just before the Oscars. And the caning bench in this video should get one, because it is among the best I've seen. The white frame, the seven different restraints, the slightly raised position of the victim's bottom, it's all very sexy indeed. Oh, and one more thing - Eric Clapton must have written the flm music, because one of the themes sounds just like "Tears in Heaven".

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