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Judicial Canings 2

Time: 55 minutes
Review by Webmaster John O'Connell posted 4/3/09

The basis for this story centers around a Ministry of Justice center where women can be subjected to corporal punishment as an alternative to prison time. The story is told from the perspective of the woman that is in charge of interviewing and preparing the offenders before they are punished. She is speaking to a friend and is relaying some of the experiences she has had in her job.

The first offender is a pretty blonde wearing a pink top and jeans. She is made to strip out of her top and bra so that the assistant may perform a quick medical exam prior to her receiving the punishment. She listens to her lung sounds and then has her sit down for a quick blood pressure check. Following that, she strips out of her jeans and thong and is told to use the toilet all while the assistant watches. I'm not a big fan of the toilet thing, maybe it's because I'm an American, I don't know, but that's just not my thing. But, in this case, I suppose it makes sense as you wouldn't want the subject to lose control of her bladder in the middle of the punishment. After she is finished with her business, the famous Pain 4 Fem guy shows up to take care of his business. And that would be giving her a serious over the knee spanking. The severity of the punishment varies with the crime committed, so she is only spanked with his hand rather than an implement. Of course if you've seen him in action before you know he can deliver quite a smack. The scene lasts several minutes with the offender being left with a bright red bottom.

Once the first subject is done getting dressed, we are taken back to the apartment where the assistant tells her friend of another case. This one involves a tall blonde wearing a jean jacket, black blouse, and a skirt. Same deal as before, she removes her top and is given an quick medical exam before removing the rest of her clothes and using the toilet. She is allowed to leave her stockings and shoes on, which kind of didn't make sense to me. I mean, you already are pretty much naked, so just go the rest of the way. I know, I know, minor stuff. Anyway, this girl's offense is a little more severe so her punishment is adjusted to reflect that. She is made to lay down on a cross like table and is then secured using belts. The assistant applies oil to the offender's bottom prior to the punisher's arrival. The offender is already starting to panic before the first stroke of the cane is even applied. Perhaps she wishes that she had taken the jail time instead. She is given 40 strokes of the cane, with a vital signs check around stroke 28 just to make sure she isn't going to convulse or anything. She is not short on screaming, so if you like high pitched yelps, you'll like this girl. After the last stroke, creme is applied to her heavily marked bottom and she is then allowed up from the table to get dressed.

The next girl has brown hair and is wearing a black skirt and a zippered jacket. The black heels must be some sort of requirement, as she's wearing them too. Again, same routine with the medical check and toilet use. She too is made to lay down on the punishemtn table and have the oil applied to her bottom. The cane also makes it's return for this recipient. She too receives 40 strokes with a vital signs check around 28. She is not as vocal as the other one, but does sob and have tears running down her face. She probably should have forgone the mascara. She is given the creme on her scortched bottom before being released.

And that concludes the DVD. I was kind of hoping the friend or even the assistant would receive some punishment, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Another fine production from Pain 4 Fem that is sure to please the audience. All pretty girls and some very severe action make for a great punishment DVD. The quality of the picture is excellent and I experienced not technical difficulties with the DVD. Bravo to P4F on another fine production.

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