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Judicial Punishment

43 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 11/21/08

Serial whippings, as Mood does so effectively. Four girls have agreed to accept corporal punishment in lieu of jail time. Two familiar Mood actresses, resourceful and terrifying Dommes, set up a rectangular aluminum frame for the whipping. One Domme measures and practices wicked strokes.

The four girls sit with evident apprehension in the "pre-punishment examination room," and infirmary setting, in their T-shirts and pants. Per Mood standards, the girls are glamorous and theatrical--regally tall, thin, carefully coiffed and made up; the nurses attending them are similarly attractive. Long-haired brunette Renata will go first. The nurse routinely bares her breasts for the stethoscope, she is deemed fit, signs the consent form to accept the punishment alternative, and is taken to the frame, topless and pants half down. Her hair is pinned up to keep her back bare--very erotic. She is fastened in a bizarre way worth a few words to describe--ankles attached and legs open, arms pulled wide and high overhead, then odd lightweight spreader bars extended horizontally from the side supports and joined with velcro connections at the neck and waist, effectively freezing her naked back in the center of the frame for whipping. Her pants have been inched down, teasing us with just a bit of her bottom.

Renata gets 10 strokes of the whip and screams from the outset. The whip rings against the metal frame as it glances off her smooth pale back. She marks instantly. Too bad those pants remain in place. She is released and painfully moved to a treatment room, where her weals are slowly salved.

Yana, a blonde more endowed than Renata, is next. She reluctantly hands over her T-shirt, signs the consent, and is taken to the frame and attached. Lovely tension. Her petty theft conviction is commuted for 10 strokes. She is more stoic than Renata, except for a few strokes which wrap around and nip a breast. Now two bare backs side-by-side being treated.

Christina has been convicted for prostitution and this is not to be her day. She is a lovely thin blonde with a boyish figure. Her hair is pinned up to expose her back. 50 lashes! Big welts, back and front, some wrap-around shots. Her hair shakes loose and has to be repinned. Very hot stuff. She, like all the girls, gasps for air during the ordeal. "I feel sick," she says. No wonder. She has to be supported to be walked to the treatment room.

And redhead Sarah, an impossible 150 lashes! She looks miserable but stoic. The punishment is ugly and brutal, beyond what we wish to see. She screams through it. At least we see her half-masted pants fall down under the onslaught. There is some erotic tension in watching the four naked backs being treated. We are more rewarded by the ceremony, fastening, and waiting, than the actual delivery of the blows.

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