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Julia is Whipped

Nu West 200
25 minutes
Guest review by: COLLECTOR

Standard brief Nu West but never disappointing. Julia is driving at night, with Ed Lee videotaping her from the front seat. They're going to the studio, where Julia is going to be whipped in a video. Four minutes of car banter about the upcoming event; Julia pulls up her skirt and bares her legs as she drives, "Story-of-O" style.

At the studio, young Julia, tall, willowy, svelt, burning blue eyes, long light brown hair, wears a tight blue dress and high heels. Lee likes to parade his girls--Julia raises her skirt and sticks out her bottom, temporarily still covered by diaphanous black bikini panties. He takes up the dogwhip.

Julia bends over, hands on knees, skirt raised, and takes six whip cracks. Throughout this performance, it's often difficult to determine if Lee actually connects with all the whip strokes. But the strokes are loud ,flamboyant, and exciting, so who's counting hits. Julia half-masts her panties, and indeed Lee has scored some hits. She pulls off her tight dress and poses in nifty black undies. Lee starts a steady whipping, mixed with his chatter and pacing. If he just whipped, Julia's pretty bottom would be out of action in 2 minutes. He teases us along and we watch Julia jump as some strokes are more painful than others.

Scene change--Julia is now strung up, a popular and provocative Nu West position. Lee shows us his "feathering" style, the whipping version of "The Pit and the Pendulum," where Lee approaches Julia's quivering bottom with air strokes until one nips flesh and she jumps. Great tension, concluded by the distinctive slap of leather on skin. He then gives her a rapid fire sequence.

Another fade--Julia's kneeling on the floor, penitential in front of a chair, still only in a bra. Her bottom is nicely striped by now. She leans over the chair for more feathering and sharp series of direct hits. Her suffering is wonderful.

Another fade, and these changes are exciting, in anticipation of what devillish posture Lee has conjured next. Julia is strung up by her ankles, diaper position, totally exposed, shoulders on the floor, balancing with her arms behind her. Exquisitely vulnerable. Julia seems all-bottom now; Lee lays on at least 150 rapid strokes (we tried to count), looking very effective, Julia crying "faster" and "harder" as they rain down, her bottom bobbing and weaving. Lee quits, winded, as we are. She is released and they hug, laughing together, Julia presenting a nice frontal view. Very nice Nu West.

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