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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

As the title might indicate, this is a 2 part video that features 2 different girls. In the first part we meet Julie. The tape opens with Julie reading some school books while sitting at a desk. Dad comes in and they start talking about how Julie hasn't been studying. Her reason is she doesn't like to. Needless to say that doesn't fly to well with our Dad here. She has a little bit of an attitude in her voice as well and Dad doesn't care for it, nor the lack of studying. So, he gives her a choice. 3 weeks of being grounded with no tv, phone, ect. or a spanking. She asks for other options, but obviously ends up taking the spanking. Julie is a cutie with long brown hair. She is wearing a black sweater with a stripped shirt underneath and a black skirt. She is sent to her room, where we find her sitting on the bed. She stands up and then bends over the edge of the bed, raising her skirt. All of the punishment in this part comes via the belt. He takes his belt off his pants and start strapping her over her light blue panties. The camera angle changes a few times and after roughly 20 whacks, she pulls down her panties, just below the bottom of her cheeks. You can see her butt is starting to get red, but he comments that it's not red enough. He starts up with the belt again and you can quickly see the shade of red start to darken. He gives her a chance to rub her bottom after about another 10 srikes. He has her count out the last 10, which are pretty hard. She promises she has learned her lesson and will study diligently from now on. She rubs her butt for a while and then gets up and rubs some more. The scene closes after she raises her panties. Some pretty hard strokes, with somewhere between 45-50 all together.
Part 2 as you might have guessed, stars Emily. There is no scenario in this part. Many of the Amateur Spankings videos have this format, where a girl comes in and after some chit chat, gets a few different types of spankings. Emily is a friend of Renee, who is one of Amateur Spankings top contenders. She is 26 and has a real cute body and face. She first tells us a little about herself and then our guy asks some questions about spankings. Appears as though she got herself in to some trouble when she was younger and tells us that her last spanking was when she was 15 by her mother. She then talks about a few paddlings she got when she was in school. Some people might fast forward through this part, but I think you're missing some good stuff if you do. You really get some background on the person and I think it adds to the validity that she is a first time amateur. Anyway, Emily is wearing a black dress with white dots and white panties. He has her raise her dress and lower her panties briefly just to give us quick preview of what is going to be spanked. We then move the the couch, where Emily lays across the spanker's lap. He raises her dress and lowers her panties and begins with a hand spanking. He gives her some pretty good smacks right away and doesn't really hold back too much. During the hand spanking, we stop a few times and change the camera angle, with the last one being a facial view. Here, we get some really good expressions from Emily. Then he has her bend over the back of the couch (her knees are on the couch and her ankles are crossed). He starts up with a small paddle (the one that looks like a spatula). He gives her 10 in all and she has to count each one. He changes the camera angle a few times during the paddling. For the last 3, he has her further over the couch with her legs spread. Get nice shot between the legs if you like that sort of thing in your spanking video (come on now, who doesn't?). She gets a little jumpy during the paddling, I think the sting is a little more severe than she had anticipated. Her butt is getting pretty red by now, but there is still a little more to come. He has her stand and lets her rub her butt for a short bit and then hand spanks her spanking up. Again, some pretty hard slaps. The scene ends with her on the couch rubbing her butt, which is now very red. All in all, a great video. Fresh, young, and wholesome looking girls with some good action. Video quality is about average and the length is around 30 minutes.

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