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Just Another Day at St. Stripes Part 2

28 Minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 10/2/09

The continuation. Six schoolgirls are being disciplined by Ivor Gold and three intimidating female teachers in a detailed school setting. Miss Chambers, a severe practictioner of schoolroom discipline, will spank Samantha and Sarah. Two girls sit bare-bottomed at their desks, having been paddled and caned in Part I, and two more await for Part III.

Sarh, played by actress Sacha Lievely, a tall, thin dark brunette, is called to the front and goes "right over" a stool, skirt up, white panties on parade. Miss Chambers begins a fierce brief handspanking, the obligatory warmup. Pants down, delightful ample bottom we knew it would be. Sarah wiggles too much on this stool so she is moved to the teacher's desk. Back to her desk, those pants are down for the duration.

Samantha comes out next, a solid little blonde in two ponytails, and a tad too eager. She gets the same over the desk. Ivor points out from off-screen that her bottom reflects that he has recently spanked her himself.

Sarah returns and bends over the back of a straight chair, a beautiful posture which locks the legs and keeps the bottom high. A hard tawsing, splotchy red bottom developing, she counts out the last 9 cracks. Moving along, Samantha gets the tawse--her bottom is much more marked.

Following the sequence, it is Sarah's turn for the cane, which she brings to Miss Chambers then quickly bends over the chair, then takes 25 rapid rhythmic strokes. Camera shots from below show the swelling welts. She chokes out the last 8-count.

When Sam takes her place for the cane, Miss Chambers requires the first three spanked girls to kneel up over their desks bare bottoms exposed. A delightful sight from the rear of the classroom. Sam takes 25 strokes, counts out the last 12, and is discernibly crying.

Miss Brown returns to the front of the room, setting the stage for Part III. She wants to know how Natalie's report book got into Samantha's locker. Samantha goes back over the chair for a flurry of the patented lefty handspanks when she stutters an excuse. Natalie, one of the two remaining girls awaiting their fates, comes forward, goes OTK, and we are set to begin Part III.

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