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27 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/27/08

A mother-daughter theme, an American cast, and a bit improbable, in that the two girls look of the same generation. but we agree, it is the results that count.

Justine, the daughter--tall, blonde, ponytail flying, sneaks a cigarette outside after she leaves home for school and is of course caught by her mother Rachael. Young ladies tend to get caught in these scenarios. Rachael drags her back inside, makes her stay home all day from school and goes off to worgk, promising punishment in the evening. Rachael calls the school to report her absence, mentions the smokin incident, and learns Justine has frequently been truant.

Rachael arrives home that night to find Justine saucily lounging about. But she's brought along her paddle and cane, so there will be no delays now. Justine is OTK immediately and her mother does not hesitate in pulling her panties down. She is spanked with a thin wooden spade-shaped paddle, nice stinging smacks on a nifty bottom. Mother and daughter prattle on while the spanking continues. She is made to kneel on the bed for more of the paddle.

Skirt rolled up, she is encouraged into the diaper position for a colorful paddling. Next, dress off, Rachael displays the cane. "Remember this?" We guess she does. She must stand nude, "nose to the wall" for 30 silly taps of the cane. Back on the bed, bra off, for 10 more. The caning is mostly useless. Rachael notes there are no marks to be seen. The only fun here is the naked Justine writhing on the bed.

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