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Katie Meets Meryl
Directed by: Ed Lee
Featuring: Katie
    Ed Lee
Date of Production: Some time in 2001
Reviewed by David Pierson

Excuse me dear reader, I must interrupt my review so that I may speak with Ed Lee. (The owner and creative force behind Nu-West). Ed, are you aware that you actually made a spanking video? Did this one slip by somehow? I know that in the past you were the driving force behind many of the best spanking videos ever made. Videos such as: " Anne Bowman's Guide to Office Politics", " Please Daddy!"; " The Harwood School" and " Two Punished Secretaries " are classics of the spanking video genre. It seems to me that over the past few years you have lost your interest in spanking.
A good example of this are the videos that you released over the past year. I ordered all of the videos in your most recent catalogue. As I watched your productions of the past year a theme emerged, " So little spanking, so much dildoing!". You put out three videos with the title " The Humiliation Of _____. I call this your humiliation trilogy. There is " Julia's Humiliation" , "Vanna's Humiliation" and "Jacque's Humiliation". In the first of these videos we see a corpulent Julia Jameson being dominated by Vanna. The plump Julia is forced to endure an enema, a beating with a belt and a dildoing up the rectum. The themes are repeated (more or less) in the other two productions. In all of your recent punishment oriented videos only three fail to feature a scene in which a dildo is utilized.
Ed, I have nothing against the occasional use of a fake phallus in a video about one girl dominating another, but let's move on. I thought that perhaps you had invested heavily in a company that manufactures sexual paraphernalia. Then there is the video entitled " The Canadian Woman". It is my understanding that this video has caused an international incident. This video features an unidentified obese woman subjected to a series of punishments. This woman is so fat that I thought that you should have called this video " Canadian Bacon". That title may not be applicable however. The Canadian Government has carefully examined the tape. I've been told by the Canadian Prime Minister himself that the woman in the production can not possibly be Canadian as she has USDA printed on her backside.
Of all of the videos that your company released this year only three dealt directly with spanking: "Phyllis Meets Ed Lee", " Candus and Debra" and ( oh yeah, the video that I'm supposed to be reviewing) " Katie Meets Meryl". Of the three I must admit that I only liked the last two. Candus and Debra is a very good video and I'll be singing the praises of the " Katie" video very soon. Ed, what was the deal with Phyllis. How old was she? 50?
Ed, I respect the work that you have done over your long career. Many of today's leading spanking video companies acknowledge that they are in your debt from a creative point of view. Is it possible that the person who brought us " Two Spanked Cheerleaders" or " Revenge Is Sweet" can bring us quality spanking erotica once again? I think the video ""Katie Meets Meryl" proves that it is.
Forgive the interruption dear readers. I had to get that off of my chest. The video " Katie Meets Meryl" is one terrific spanking video. In this video, the exceedingly cute Katie agrees to live for one week with Meryl, a wealthy woman from Beverly Hills. Katie is required to dress in clothes more appropriate for a young child. She must address this matron of Beverly Hills as Aunt Meryl or Ma'am. The basic idea is that if Katie can keep herself from violating the rules of Meryl's household she would escape any punishment. However, should Katie break any of the strict rules of the house, she would be subjected to spankings and other punishments as Meryl sees fit. Of course Katie is spanked. (It wouldn't be much of a video if she wasn't now would it?) There are three scenes in this production in which Katie is spanked. She is always spanked on the bare bottom. I must say that Meryl spanks very hard. My favorite scene in the video is the last of the spankings. Katie is punished for cursing. For using the F--- word, the adorable Katie has her mouth washed out with soap and is then spanked severely. During her spanking, Katie must keep the bar of soap in her mouth. This video works from so many points of view. First of all there is Katie. She is amazingly cute and youthful. Katie must be in her mid-twenties by now but she could easily pass for young teenager. There is the manner in which she must dress in a child like manner, accentuating her youthful appearance. Lastly, there is Merly. Merly has the disposition of a Catholic School nun. You put all of this together and you get a very sexy and entertaining video.
I wonder if Katie is available for adoption?

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