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Katie's Hard Whippings

Nu West FCV-048
Time: 27 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 8/15/08

More of this series from Nu West; one of the better sports at NW--- endlessly charming Katie, one of our favorites in the entire genre, finds herself at the business end of Ed Lee's whips in two segments, filmed at different times.

We are in the pale blue NW studios, with the addition of a cartoon faux prison door on the back wall. Katie and Lee matter-of-factly walk on-set, Katie in a simple skirt and blouse. She actually sets her handbag and sweater down as if she were getting into the dentist's chair, although events today are a little more serious; in fact she positions herself to be secured for a whipping. She seems eager and maybe a bit turned on. Another one-of-a-kind Nu West device will be used: a wood frame; Katie leans forward, fully dressed, against a support at her waist, willingly offering her wrists to be manacled and hooked to a vertical bar out in front of her. Her ankles are attached to leg supports, just far enough apart to maximize the attention on her charms Lee will give her. This position is similar to bending over the back of a straight chair, except her wrists are fastened directly in front of her. He tucks up her blouse, hikes up the short skirt, takes down her pantyhose, taking care to preserve her panties, which he then removes with his customary elan. There is that bottom we covet.

Lee measures the distance, then snaps and whips at Katie's bottom. She gasps and reflexively twitches in avoidance, although she is a voulnteer here, and stoically bears through it all. Camera angles from the side, rear, and face are perfect in the broad expanse of the studio. Between sets of strokes, Lee puts his hand between Katie's legs for some lusty frigging, driving Katie up on her toes and us up the wall. He comments how wet she is. The camera is in her face to capture her every reaction. About 125 whipstrokes in all, in batches, some surely not on the target, but this is beautifully done. Lines, stripes, and weals meet our expectations.

Fade to the second scene, earlier in Nu West history. A more groomed Ed Lee, and Katie is so minutely feminine-perfect that you are inclined to use that phrase "barely legal." She is strung up, arms wide to a soccer goal-like frame, totally naked, blonde hair pinned up so her pretty neck adds to her nudity, her little feet pawing the ground, sweet bush still intact in 1998, and about as cunningly cute and ingenue as it is possible to be. The finest presentation of her we can recall, and our recommendation for the lobby poster.

A little smile on her face suggests she is eager to begin the festivities. Her bottom is pale and perfect except for one small bruise. First, Lee spanks her with a paddle. She yelps and grumbles, much more than in the first segment, where the bullwhip would have seemed more of a problem.

Lee uses the dogwhip on her back and bottom; in spurts, stopping to talk and torment her. The camera covers her front and back, because she is centered in the studio in this large frame. Her squeals and protests entertain. She especially doesn't like Lee's "whipping in," where he flails the air and moves in until he surprises and catches flesh. She must endure the sound and await the bite. Exquisite agony, and of course it is meant to be. Katie's displeasure is our joy.

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