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Kelly Whipped

Time: 13 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 8/1/08

Continuing our look at these short Nu West whippings, this one is harsh stuff. Kelly is a pony-tailed brunette, and strung up Nu West style in a stark warehouse setting. She is wearing just bra, panties, and red high heels. Barking dogs and party noises off-screen. Ed Lee rattles the spreader bar and attaches it to Kelly's ankles with undisguised glee. Lee chatters away, commenting to Kelly that he has heard she is a "yeller," so he gags her with a black cloth--very erotic and more intense than the formula. Ourselves, we'd like to hear from Kelly. With his usual flourish he cuts off her bra and "little panties" with a pocket knife, handling the scraps of clothing with mocking distain.

Kelly is now nude--a frim solid bottom ready for the whip, a tattoo above her right buttock. As if she is not naked enough, he rolls down her stockings to bare the tops of her thighs for "well aimed strokes which will hurt like hell." He goes to work with his bullwhip. Kelly jumps and squeals at the first stroke. We finally see her face, gag in place, head twisting, small athletic brests, and a touch of pubic hair.

He works up and down her back, bottom, and thighs. Some strokes don't connect, some hit the floor, but the unmistakable sound of leather on flesh, combined with Kelly's sensuous writhing, convince us. Lines, welts, and spots of blood develop. One closeup of her bottom taking four or five rapid-fire Lee-patented strokes is especially rousing. She is cut down at the 12 minute mark. She shows about a dozen blood spots, some running down her legs. It's a little rugged but not brutal, and certainly illustrates how Nu West has moved beyond naughty bottoms bared over a knee. Lee still is the master; we will sample whatever he offers.

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