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Kennedy And Shaunna

Directed and Produced: Steve Trainer
Starring: Kennedy
Joseph Lewis
Review by: Aldus W. Huckster

This video has two different scenes, and I will review them one at a time. The first one to be spanked is Kennedy. A vivacious, fair skinned blonde with a real toilet mouth. As a matter of fact the people at Far East gave her the nickname of "Potty Mouth" because of all the cursing she did while being spanked. Joe started out softly over her skirt, but quickly progressed to skirt raised on her ass, and then to the panties down, bare assed stage. By the time Joe got to the hairbrush, her ass was already red as a beet, blotchy, and bruised. But he continued on with the hairbrush any way. With all the complaining, screaming, crying, etc, I swear I could see wetness between her legs while she was being spanked. As a final good will gesture, she flipped us all the "bird".

Next up was Shaunna who they nicknamed "The Bitch". Now why would they do that? Because she complained about anything and everything from the first minute to the last. Joe was undaunted though and gave her the spanking we all wanted to see. She had one very redeeming factor however - her ass! It was just beautiful. Perky and firm is the best way to describe her butt. A spanker's dream. She too received an ass reddening spanking from our resident expert Joe. And trust me it will be enjoyed by all. On the Spank-O-Meter this video is an 8 out of 10.

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