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Kept on Their Toes

49 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/30/10

wo scruffy-looking girls, clearly needing some straightening out, hang around horse stables, begging for jobs, recently sacked elsewhere. The horsewoman owner surely sees opportunity. The girls are invited into the manor for a little discussion, to see "if you really want a job."

The madame explains she will "have to put you through an initiation if you want to work here." That means, well, clothes off for a start. "Don't be shy, girls." The girls put on the stable working clothes the madame provides. "Now we're halfway there, girls." "What is the second part of the initiation, Miss?" (This girl did not finish secondary school.)

It's Tanya, a short-haired blonde, very naughty in her riding breeches and bra, and the second girl, a long-haired blonde in just chaps and panties peeking out, no top. The madame explains "a damned spanking" is the other part, "like what the horses go through." Tanya is taken OTK first and spanked on her purple breeches. It is mild, but we have just started. Breeches down, pink panties bunched, then down. "Oh, Miss, I didn't know I was going to have to do this."

As the long blonde watches, the madame explains: "Something slightly harder now," which is the much-worn oval paddle over a chair. The madame keeps asking Tanya, "Do you want this job?" The long blonde asks: "Is this the way you teach all the boys and girls?" An indelicate question one would think, when your turn is next. "Are you ready for the harder paddle?" Tanya gets the floppy paddle, then "time for the cane."

15 strokes. Tanya jumps up and cusses at the first stroke, then up again at 5 strokes. "You've got to give me a minute." Nobody planned that line for her. Tanya is finished. CalStar cranks in some horses'-hooves sounds. "You've passed your initiation."

"Hello there," says the madame to the waiting and a little frightened blonde, the signal her time has come. OTK on the couch, with her long chaps still on--very erotic. Panties down. Madame likes spanking and kneading. "Oh, Miss." Tanya has been masturbating as she watches. Then, with chaps off and panties down, the oval paddle kneeling on a table.

Flat on the table for the floppy paddle. The madame notices her panties are wet. These girls are no better than they should be. Bending over a chair for the cane: 12 good cracks.

Both girls bend over at the manor fireplace for a bottom inspection before they go to work. The tone has been set for how this job is going to go.

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