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Knickers Inspection

26 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/5/08

CalStar's "Brian," with the nice forehand and backhand combination, in the first of a two-part story where, in addition to his teaching, he has the assigned duty of inspecting knickers at the girls' school where he works, and he has the power to punish if he finds violations. What sort of degree is required for this work? Claire, a tall blonde with pigtails, is summoned. We had watched Brian sniff a few pairs of her knickers and find them dirty. Claire hears: "You know what the penalty is for this."

Turns out this is a very harsh school--the penalty is 10 strokes of the cane for each dirty pair; Brian has 5 pair and is never lenient. "Straight to my lounge for a caning. I don't think I have ever given 50 strokes of the cane." In the sitting room setting, Brian fondles and flexes his cane. "I'm not going to give one stroke less than 50." We admire his British steadfastness and have seen him perservere before.

Claire--soft, sweet, very-schoolgirl, and frightened, bends over and raises her skirt. Very exciting. He lays the first set of 10 on her blue knickers; at 15 strokes in the second set of 10, he pulls her pants down. At 20, he declares a 2 minute break, during which a nice closeup of an unhappy bottom passes the time. Claire has been quiet except for a few controlled gasps.

It's "over the punishment stool" for the third set of ten--it's a white hassock. Claire's bottom is high and her head on the floor. The next 10 bite more; her bottom is flattened in this posture, with no ability to give and absorb the stroke. Desperate breathy "Yes, sir" and "No, sir" is all Claire can muster. She stands, very much upset, skirt back down, but panties still visible at the knees. Brian keeps on lecturing her as she hangs her head and begs for leniency. Her long blonde hair has become loose and covers her face.

She hands over her skirt. Brian himself unties her necktie and begins unbuttoning her blouse. She shrinks back. "" Now naked, Brian makes her face the camera, hands at sides, then bottom to the camera, for a careful examination. This is the perfect voyeur Brian, and Claire is a real blonde with a girlish trim little body. Time for the last 2 sets, jaybird naked. Another set of 10--Brian smirks at the director. Nice closeup of lithe Claire. The last set of 10 is filmed with Claire's face in the foreground, so we can watch the strokes fall and see her wincing facial anticipation and reaction--a very nice angle to supplement the obligatory rearview shots.

The 50 are complete. Claire is distressed, rubbing and grabbing. She collapses on Brian in her anguish, giving us a detailed frontal glimpse. At the conclusion the devil Brian makes her face the wall nude and spread and hold her buttocks open for another detailed closeup.

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