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Knickers Up Knickers Down

19 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/6/08

We are admirers of early California Star, and the exquisite discomfort meted out to British schoolgirls. Miss Jones, a probation officer, visits Linda, a parolee who has missed reporting in. It could mean back to the borstal, or "I could punish you myself." We love this dilemma, a frequent plot line, where hapless tenants, students, delinquents, or debtors must offer their bottoms for blackmail or to pay a debt.

Jones, suitably severe of countenance, of course has a cane in her car. Implements are never far out of reach. Linda--tall, exciting of figure, with a mop of Orphan Annie curls, gets the message: "I'm going to give you a spanking to warm up your bottom before I cane you." Linda goes OTK, skirt up to expose pretty white striped panties, and struggles delightfully during a handspanking. Jones is very impressed with the statuesque Linda's bottom. "Oh, no more!" "I haven't started yet." Jones is an enthusiastic spanker, and this is not the cameraman's first spanking either. After some bare bottom time, it's time to "show you my knickers-up, knickers-down caning technique."

Linda must now bend over a table, where she gets caned, alternately on white panties and then on the bare, a dozen or so strokes, hard enough to produce stripes about halfway through. There is a lot of fussing, attempted rubbing, hands-in-the-way, positioning, wiggling, heavy breathing, etc. The camera finds its way in, out, between, and under. Finally, Linda must climb on the table for some "special ones," in the diaper position. Ultimately revealing. Domme Jones makes some suggestive remarks and gestures, indicating that Linda's infractions are not quite yet forgiven. Sweet work all around, and we loved the motel-room traffic noises outside.

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