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Lady Vernon's Spanking Heaven Part 2

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/18/08

Another concept suggesting many sequels; CalStar's stalwart "Brian" runs a girls' reformatory and has taken to contracting out his disciplinary work to a local, Lady Vernon, who is apparently one hell of a spanker, which is quite an endorsement, coming from the likes of Brian.

Brian has caught two of his girls, pretty blondes, with boys in their rooms. He tries spanking them, but they mock him and aren't impressed.

OK; it's to be Lady Vernon, who in Part 1 scalds a couple of trespassers stealing her apples. She is contacted, a deal is forged, ("If they come back with the same results as the other two, we can have a regular contract."), they are off in a car to a fancy mansion (we appreciate a change of scenes and an actual exterior landscape). Brian delivers the girls inside to Lady Vernon. The two attractive blondes do a nice job of communicating their apprehension. Brian has told them Lady Vernon is a firm disciplinarian and that he was very impressed with the results on the bottoms of the two previous girls. We like clinical spanking settings, this being a reasonable facsimile.

Lady Vernon is a youngish, conservativley stated Domme, credible as a manor lady and not the dominatrix archetype; she puts aside her daily domestic management periodically to do some free-lance spanking. Brown, the first girl to be administered to, goes OTK immediately. There will be no tea and crumpets on this visit.

The spankings are given in a cheery conservatory/solarium of the manor, rolling lawns in the background. We've see several CalStar productions here, and he have said we hope the Lord of the Manor got to watch the filmings. The charming wicker furniture is centered in the room, so the camera can circle the pretty targets. There are also views through the windows from outside on the spacious veranda--a curious voyeuristic feeling watching an unhappy naked girl being punished through a window.

Lady Vernon is aggressive--Brown's trousers are down, then her panties. She begins to redden and bruise, so efficient is the handspanking. She kneels on the couch for some paddling, and is made to strip completely. The scond blonde, Douglas, watches and awaits her turn in mock video-horror. Brown does the nude bend-over, charming to see, for an unusually vigorous session with a stiff leather flogger. No faking here--loud firm whacks in the bright sunlight. Brown is whimpering. Lady Vernon inspects her work and we gets a sweet frontal view of the now submissive Brown. Cane time, over the couch again. 20 strokes (lots of repeats we think). She must remain on tiptoes--the intensity increases noticeably; Brown quivers and shakes as much as we've seen. Tippy-toe always appreciated.

"Douglas,come here!" Same OTK procedure; tight white panties on a spankable bottom don't last long; Douglas retains her composure. She is soon naked, and after her paddling her bottom is bruised and splotched worthy of our Eastern Europeans artisans. Lady Vernon is impressed by Douglas' control. "You're being very quiet." She earns an even harder session with the flogger, then 20 with the cane. Douglas is a touch lassie, which cannot be said of her poor bottom. We presume these girls didn't care much to sit down when the limo came to return them to school. Very entertaining CalStar.

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