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Directed By Jay Mann
Produced: Cecil B. DeShure
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

It is very rare occurrence in any art form when one stumbles across a work that is truly unique. This video is one such act of serendipity. In the short period of their existence Ohh Tee Kay Studios has developed a reputation as a producer of high quality spanking videos; videos that portray spanking as an erotic art. This video extends their well-deserved reputation. 'Lap Dance Lessons' is erotically charged from start to finish. What makes this production such a note worthy piece of spanking video erotica? At first blush (pardon the pun) I would say it's the masterful production values that are brought to the screen by the Ohh Tee Kay creative team. The lighting, camerawork and editing are superlative. Then of course there is Christina Carter, the star of this little film. She simply exudes sexual energy. Mr. Mann has done an admirable job of putting together a fantastic erotic experience with a plot line that continues to emerge throughout the production. Let's get into the story now. This is a tale of an erotic dancer (stripper) who does not seem to take her responsibilities seriously. She also has little regard for the consequences of her actions and the effects that they ma have upon her and those close by. After many warnings, Christina's boss decided to administer a dose of corporal punishment to the bottom of the sassy stripper in the hope that young Christina will mend her way (Yes, and become a model stripper.) You see, it seems that she has been teasing the customers way past the point of what is appropriate and legal law. She has been told many times that showing too much skin, or cavorting with the customers can lead to fines, or worse yet, loss of the establishment's business license. When she is caught exposing the "pink" to a customer, it is time for the boss to respond. His response is a bare bottom spanking that should have left her remorseful, and prepared to act in a more appropriate manner from that point on. But not Christina, she decides to get even with her boss by calling in sick the next evening, and inviting a patron of the club to her place for a little "extra curricular activity" Well, much too her consternation, her "friends" wife and the club owner sneak into her apartment and catches her in the act. The result of this is three fold. First the wife gives her a very sound over the knee, bare bottom spanking. Next, we get to see the Ohh Tee Kay trademark scene, when her boss takes her temperature with a rectal thermometer to see if she is really too sick to report to work (of course she is not sick at all, and lastly she receives a nice hard strapping on her naked ass. This strapping brings her to tears, and a cry of "I am sorry", "I will never do it again" After the boss leaves we hear Christina talking to herself and admitting that in actuality she enjoyed the spankings and will have to think of ways to earn more of them in the future. Christina Carter is just beautiful in every way imaginable and has proven herself to have real star potential in the industry.
'Lap Dance Lessons' is a gem of spanking video erotica. This is a video that belongs in your collection.

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